No Disrespect But

We have all heard the expression “No Disrespect But,” before. When you hear that statement come from someone’s mouth, usually it’s nothing very positive. You tend to tense up and you try to ready yourself for the onslaught of negativity about to spew from someone’s lips.

Last week in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Republican Delegate Bob Marshall introduced a bill he authored that would require a woman to have a transvaginal ultrasound if she decided that she wanted to have a legal abortion.  Marshall also introduced a bill that stated “personhood” begins at conception. Meaning once the egg and sperm meet, it is considered to a full legal being. To top it off, in Washington, D.C., The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing on the contraceptive coverage. This coverage mandates that insurance companies cover birth control pills and the morning after pill. Surprisingly, the panel consisted of nine men and two woman to discuss woman’s issues.

Two woman? You mean one, two? Uno, dos? How can you fathom having a discussion on woman’s issues with only two woman? That’s like having nine female doctors talk on a panel for men’s health and not invite one man. Who does that? Apparently, the Republicans do. What are Republicans afraid of? Why is contraception such a taboo word? And when they do say the word contraception, why must they try to have so much control?

They are many reasons why woman want to have abortions. They are good reasons why woman want and need to take birth control. Whether you agree or disagree why, it’s a woman’s right. It should be her choice, not a crime, to do what she wants to do with her body. No Disrespect But, what if Democrats had a senate hearing on the right of the Republican man to have a vasectomy as a contraceptive method?

No Disrespect But, Republicans, I believe you guys are scared that you guys are a dying breed. You want to preserve any shred of a manhood you can muster up. And now you want to stop woman from having the right to rid itself of something they don’t want from you. When I have a headache, I take an aspirin. When I have a stomach ache, I take antacids. And when I didn’t want kids,  I put on a condom. No Disrespect But, Republicans, just tell the truth. You need heirs and you need woman to preserve that. It’s OK. Just say it! I won’t look at you that much different. But No Disrespect.


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