Nosey Neighbor

They say charity starts at home and spreads abroad. Well, it seems that America’s charity started abroad and stayed abroad. America seems to have lost touch within it’s four walls with its own family members. A family is as strong as its weakest family member. Right now America, some of your family members have gone astray. And it’s our own fault.

When is America going to get that we are our own worst enemy. We’re our own self-absorbed boogie man. We’re like that meddling neighbor that stares into your  window at night just to get a glimpse of how you live. America is that annoying, perverted, noisy neighbor to a lot of other countries. Don’t you get why others are always plotting? It’s because we’re always sticking our nose into stuff that have no concern to us. Why we are always trying to impose our morals and values on others when we can’t even impose our morals and values on ourselves?

When is America going to get that we can’t be the world’s largest police precinct? We’re always worrying about the wrong thing. Who died and made us the Captain Save a Hoe of this planet? Here’s a novel thought. Just leave well enough alone and let other countries deal with their own problems. That way, maybe, we won’t have to worry about who is plotting to destroy our country.

But true to form, America, we get in its own way. We just can’t seem to help ourselves. It’s in our DNA. Since the inception of this country, we have always tried to lie, cheat and steal our way into someone else’s backyard. We have convinced ourselves that we need to gain some sort of imaginary advantage against somebody. Who that somebody is, beats the hell out of me. We have a Napoleon complex about ourselves. We’re always have to have the biggest, baddest, and fastest of everything. We’re always beating our chest and yelling at everyone “Look at me! Look at me!”

America, your family is frustrated. Your family is frustrated with its leadership. Your family is frustrated with the lack of concern for its own family members. Since when is Iranian president Ahmadinejad the reason for unemployment over eight percent? Since when is Syrian president Assad the reason gas prices are over four dollars a gallon? It’s the fact that we’re so worried about things outside of us, that we have forgotten about the most important, us. We’re planning in case of another 9-11. But this time we won’t have to worry about outsiders. All we will have to do is just look in the mirror.


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