Diamonds of the United States

For men, going to a jewelry store to buy a diamond ring can be a nerve-racking experience. We want to make sure that the person receiving such a grandiose gift will just melt at the site of it. Heck, men want to make you cry over the gesture. So picking out a diamond is a big deal. It marks a monumental step in a man’s lives when he gets the honor to pick out a symbol of excellence.

Women are just like diamonds. Why do you think they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? They compliment each other with the same adjectives. Both are beautiful, effervescent, exquisite, brilliant, and dazzling. The rarer the diamond and woman, the more valuable it is.

March is Women’s History Month. This month is to celebrate the accomplishment of our women in America. Yet we seem to treat our women like second class citizens in a society built,in part, on the backs of women. We treat our diamonds as if they’re more rare diamonds to be found and we can discard the ones we have had for so long.

Women are like the four C’s diamond grading scale. A woman’s cut shows where she gained her brilliance, tenacity, and drive to make her who she is. Her color shows that even though she is of one color on the outside, the underlying colors underneath give her great depth and understanding of everyone. Her clarity shows even with all her flaws and blemishes, her purity shines through to resonate the beauty from within. And her carat shows that even with the heaviest weight on her shoulders, she is the most valuable treasure there is.

Diamonds are forever. But yet we seem to want to take your rare diamond, smash it with a hammer, and think it’s going to hold its same value. The more we smash our women with our societal hammer, the more we take away from its rarity and value. Can we afford to do that? I, for one, can’t do that to my diamonds. They are way more valuable to me.


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