I Love You Son, Do Your Best

From my first day in kindergarten until my high school graduation day, my mother would say seven simple words to start my day. She would say “I love you son, do your best”. Those seven words drove me then and still drive me to this day. I don’t think I would be where I am if I heard everyday “I hate you son, go screw up”. Surely, telling someone to do their best isn’t a bad thing right?

Well, enter Rick Santorum. Santorum accused President Obama of being a snob for wanting Americans to earn their college degrees to remain competitive economically. He also accused the President of only wanting people to gain a college degree to remake people into his own image.

Come again? Let me see if I heard you correctly. You think I would be doing myself a disservice by trying to obtain a college degree to better myself? I’m sorry but, I thought that was the goal of everyone to attain something that would make life better for not only myself but others around me.

No wonder this society is flushing itself down the toilet bowl of mediocrity. Pardon me for thinking highly of someone who wants to do a little more than the bare minimum to get by in life. How dare I applaud, encourage, and look up to someone who wants to succeed. How backwards is it that someone wanting to achieve success is not only looked upon as fundamentally wrong, but used as political mudslinging to win an election. Your idea of a role model to the youth of America isn’t someone who had to work a full-time job to put themselves through school because their parents couldn’t afford school and become successful. Your ideal role model is someone who wants a trophy for just showing up to do what they are supposed to do. Are we not always cramming down people’s throat that hard work pays off? Yet you tell the future of this country that the idea of someone pushing you to be a better person is to somehow uplifting to himself?

What helps you and I, Mr. Santorum, are when people are educated. Because of this economy you have a lot of struggling, hurt people. Hurt people hurt people. What you don’t want is someone targeting someone out of anger who has absolutely nothing to do with their hurt. It becomes a vicious cycle. We have enough problems without you putting your foot on the necks of already injured people. Encouragement to better oneself is a great thing Mr. Santorum. You have a college degree. I’m pretty sure that someone encouraged you to strive to be the best. Return the favor to your fellow-man. Isn’t that the Christian thing to do?


3 thoughts on “I Love You Son, Do Your Best

  1. “I hate you son, go screw up”. Hahaha, that’s great…
    My father could say to me: “I love you son, you screw up”. 🙂
    On other hand I’m not very up to date on the Republican campaign in the U.S. but could not agree more with your statements.

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