Tom Ford, Hermes Birkin, and Jimmy Choo

Sometimes life plays out like a scene in a movie. You see a car pull up and park into a parking spot on the street. The door swings open and a beautiful woman steps out. This woman has perfectly quaffed hair, a dark Italia business suit, Tom Ford sunglasses, Hermes Birkin handbag, and Jimmy Choo stilettos. You think “wow, she has it all together!”

Oh, what a facade. Underneath all the seemingly perfect exterior is a slowly decaying interior. She has a lot of things going on on the inside. Things at work are not going like she planned. Her sick family member is close to dying. Her life at home with her husband isn’t the fairy tale that has been portrayed in the movies. Her self-esteem is down to the soles of her feet. Her spirit is now broken.

This society has this weird notion of trying to break our women. They try to make our women feel like they are so weak that they have to depend on us for the simplest of tasks. But then in an ironic twist, we want our women to be this strong Superwoman  who can handle everything. We want them to take care of us when we are sick. We want them to birth and take care of our kids all the while doing this while they’re not feeling well both physically and mentally themselves. We seem to want our women to be our emotional bath tub where we can just wash all the nasty dirt that is thrown on us into her bottom and never clean the ring left behind after.

Women need, want, and deserve to feel empowered. They want to be looked at as equal partners in this society. Women want to know that, despite all the goo and muck that lies underneath, that we as men can sympathized with wants, needs, pain, and desires. Women don’t want to walk ahead of us. Women don’t want to walk behind us. Women want to walk with us. Men are only as great as the woman who are beside us pushing us to greatness.

Women are more than Tom Fords, Birkin handbags, and Jimmy Choo’s. Women are our mothers, sisters, wives, and friends. Everyone woman has a story. Hopefully we can all one day know that every one of our women’s story end happily ever after.


2 thoughts on “Tom Ford, Hermes Birkin, and Jimmy Choo

  1. Dear brother, re the first paragraph, I have to say I haven’t see anyone like that for a long while… just the underneath… all the day around… so somehow you should consider yourself fortunate 🙂

    But, said that…

    In the rest of the post you are 100% right.
    In fact one day should come when the Woman’s Day won’t be celebrated for unnecessary and updated…

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