Real Men Do Cry

Who came up the phrase” Real men don’t cry?” I would love to meet that cerebral assassin. He probably was some guy who, after having his manhood snatched by some woman, had to come up with some lame defense mechanism to mask how he truly felt.

Men are ambiguous to the obvious. Men miss the golden opportunities that could take them from good to great with women when it comes to emotions.  We tend to keep our emotions bottled up and never let them flow out. We always tend to put on the I’m OK  mask when, in reality ,we need help. Why is it accepted, praised, and nothing said when women cry, blow snot into a snot rag, and be all emotional? But if a man does the same thing, he is called a wuss or a punk? Because society has told women it’s OK. We understand you’re emotional creatures.

In this society, men are presumed to be weak if they show vulnerability.  Men, I’ve learned that women love a man who is strong enough to wear his heart on his sleeve. They love a man who can put down the macho facade and be there for them in whatever capacity they need them to be. They love a man who allows them to cry on their shoulder and not judge them for the things that they do. Show me the man who doesn’t do that and I’ll show you the man who is at home on Saturday night dateless trying to beat a fourteen year old in World of Warcraft.

Men, it is OK to be in your feelings. There is no shame in asking for help from time to time. We all get weak and need someone else to carry the burden. Do yourself  justice and let a tear or two flow from your eyes every now and again. That’s just the markings of a real man.


3 thoughts on “Real Men Do Cry

      • Thanks NSSS -not-so-soft-spot 🙂
        You know I like a lot your posts, they are just great… fresh, sassy, actual… and very well written… just a pleasure for senses, common sense I mean… a quality virtually abandoned these days … Thank you!

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