One Life to Live

I remember one of my dearest friends first ever trip to the West Coast to visit my wife and I like it was yesterday. She was from a small southern town. We did the usual tourist thing of taking her to the local landmarks and attractions. We decided that it was time for dinner and we decided to take her to our favorite sushi spot. The look on her face was priceless. ” Sushi”! “Ain’t that the raw stuff”? “Some of it is raw, but a lot of it is cooked”. “Just try it, we’ll start you off slow” I said. We arrive at the sushi bar and as promised, we order her a Philadelphia roll to start her off. She looks at the roll like it’s some alien from another planet with three heads. She proceeds to undo the sushi makers work by unrolling it and eat it like it was a side dish of rice, cream cheese, and cucumber. After a few bites and miscues with the chopsticks, she began to like it. “This is really good”!

Being from a small town has its perks. Everything has an intimate feel to it. Everyone knows everyone to some degree. It’s like an extended family. The way of life in the community is just understood. There is a protocol on how things are done. Mama and Daddy did it this way so this is the way its going to be done. No questions asked.

That’s also the downside of being from a small town. You can’t tell people anything. They’re minds are so stuck in their ways. Anything that looks different from what they know is just dramatizing. I have never really understood why people are so afraid to expand outside of what they know. They just seem content to just roll with the status quo, be miserable doing the same old thing day in and day out, and happy never leaving the confines of where their minds have had them stuck for years. They are content with being virgins to life experience.

They’re afraid they may just like what’s beyond what they see and have known for years. They may go out and experience something that is better than what they know and may never want to go back to what they knew before, thus making some of the people in their community jealous. They are becoming too radical. Radical to what, life?  Some people don’t want to live their lives status quo to your community. They may want to experience a different way of living or thinking without you giving them a mean,  dirty look. Should they be shunned for that?

Everyone gets one life to live. There are no sequels. Instead of doing things like mama and daddy did it, carve your own path. Having a closed mind keeps your opportunities closed. Once you open up your mind, the doors of life open you up to all new opportunities imaginable for you to be more what your community thinks. It opens you up to the real world.


3 thoughts on “One Life to Live

  1. Love this post!
    I also find communication in little Spanish towns a problem. People talk as hitting you, as if chewing a turnip and they could only drop a term between one and the next bite. As always pretending to say something terse, but, according to them appropriate to the occasion, or witty. Too many proverbs, for my taste. Actually I have no trouble understanding what they say, but what they mean. Certainly the conversation with women is more fluid and spontaneous, but I do not trust them enough to tempt their limits of understanding and modernity Castilian style. Consequently, I try to keep quiet most of the time, to avoid suspicion or lighting their atavistic mood and inevitably end reduced to “fagot” or “asshole”, depending on whether the pundit is male or female, respectively (and not backwards) .
    And I swear I have nothing against the people of the interior, taken individually. One by one could be charming. But taken together, the truth is that there is some genetically dangerous material floating in the whole area. But is funky anyway!

    • I was talking to someone from my hometown and just the level of closed mindedness they showed just let me further know that moving to a place where you have the right to think and do things on your own terms and have no one ridicule you, call you stupid, or look at you as an outcast is so refreshing.

      On a side note my friend. you have given me a great goal to shoot for. Because next year, I want to be a nominee in your blog awards of the year. Thank you so much for inspiring me to keep putting out great post. :@)

      • Well thank you for the first part… and I did nominate only my enemies… hahahaha!
        I can’t see you participating in this new blogfashion Ponzi scheme… hahahaha, just for assholes as I am… hahahaha 🙂

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