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Start to Finish

I learned a lot of lessons from people when I worked as a salesman in corporate America. One of the most important lessons that I learned was from one of my fellow salesman named Raymond. Not bragging but, we were so good that we had multiple repeat customers that only wanted to talk to either one of us. Sometimes we had so many customers call at the same time that we just couldn’t get to them. So sometimes I would take an order for Raymond and I would go to his office to give it to him. As I was trying to give Raymond the order I took by laying it on his desk, he would tell me three words that would stay with me forever. He would say to me “Start to finish”.

“I did start it for you. I took the order, wrote down everything that the customer wanted, and now I’m giving it to you. Here you go”. Raymond said to me at that moment, “It is my customer, you did take the order, now you need to complete everything”. Start to finish”. I thought ‘What a dick’. This monkey wants me to do his work so he can get all the credit and the money. After filling the order, Raymond would stroll down from his perched office and would ask me, “Do you know why I told you what I told you?”  I thought, ‘Uh, I don’t know, maybe you just want to be a lazy ass and have me do your work for you’? But at the risk of getting this long overdrawn story I said “No, why did you tell me that?” He said, “I hate when people start something and they never complete anything. “When you start something, you make sure you see it through, and you complete it. Start to finish”.

Years later, I still would hear Raymond’s voice saying ‘Start to finish’ when I was given any task. It makes me look at how this country is full of lazy and lack of follow thru punks. I started looking at how people are always start to do things with vigor and zeal only to want to quit when the going gets tough or they’re not getting the results that we want. What kind of work ethic does that show our youth in this country? That’s like me saying that I’m going to quit blogging because I catch a case of writers block.

This country has a history of not completing things it starts. Two wars with no completion in sight. A high deficit and high taxes, yet we still seem to be always digging ourselves out of a hole. No wonder we have a generation of whiners, criers, and quitters when things don’t happen for them the way they want. Be proud of the future non-leaders of tomorrow, America. You set that bar of excellence for them.


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