Soft as Drug Store Cotton

This generation of kids are soft. They’re as soft as drug store cotton. Today’s youth seems to be always whining or crying about something. You know why that is? It’s because we as adults are afraid of them. We’re afraid that a little structure will make them hate us. We’re too busy trying to be their friends instead of being parents to them, bosses to them on a job, or role models for everyday living.

Case in point: There is this thing going on in youth sports today. It’s where whether you are playing football, basketball, tee ball, or soccer, there is no score keeping. You read it right, no score keeping. You have kids scoring touchdowns, making three pointers at the buzzer, knocking balls out of the park, and scoring goals for absolutely nothing.They’re basing this on the fact that kids are just supposed to be playing to have fun, they shouldn’t have to experience the agony of defeat,  and just for their participation, everyone should go home with a trophy. While this kumbaya moment is great in theory, it’s just not realistic. Since when do you see two teams in the Super Bowl battling for every yard every score when at the end of the game, everyone in the N.F.L. comes out and everyone receives a trophy. I can tell you when. Um…never! This is just not fair to the kid because now he or she has this thought of ‘All I have to do is just show up and I’m gonna get something’.

The kid’s mind is now corrupt. Now when the kid get some harsh criticism from a teacher or later on in life from a professor, boss, or even his wife, this poor simp isn’t going to be able to handle it. And it’s because of the false sense of everyone is on a level playing field.

This is not what these kids need. They need someone to tell them when they’re screwing up. You have a kid and they’re now playing on a youth football team in a league that keeps score. If they run into the wrong end zone not once, not twice, but three times and your team gets out blown by 35 points, do you think the coach is going to say to your kid “Way to go! I know you cost us at least 21 points, but hey it’s the fact you are out here playing is all that matters.” No! That’s not in his, her or the teams forseeable future. Because of your kid, the whole team is probably going to hear this.

Yes it did suck. But hey it’s one game, right? Not if the goal of the team is to make the youth playoffs! Not when if they make the playoffs, they get to go play this game at halftime of a college football game. The coaches have been talking about his since the beginning of the season. They want to be walking up and down that college field with the team coaching them to a hard earn victory. Unfortunately, like your son or daughter, this team has 8 or 9 players who came from the same league as your kid and they play the exact way your kid plays. Running in the wrong end zone, dropping easy passes, and turning the ball over. The teams lose a couple more games. Playoffs seem far away. Now you’re hearing this.

Well at this point the coaching staff is just plain frustrated. Even though the team has some how mustered up 2 wins in a 10 game season, their playoff chances are gone down the toilet. It’s gotten so bad that the coaching staff has told the cheerleaders to just not bother showing up because it just doesn’t matter. All that hard work the coaches have put into this season, without anything in return except for a few wins, means absolutely nothing. It all boils over when a parent asks about when his kid is going to see some playing time.

Hell no, it’s no fun! Getting run up and down the field week after week just isn’t the ideal Saturday fun. Now your kid’s self-esteem is about as low as an ant at the bottom of an ant bed. So you move your kid to basketball. And the once again because of they’re prior experience, he or she is doing in basketball what he or she was doing in football. The coach isn’t happy one bit

The youth of today have to step up. But is up to us as adults to get them prepared for the real world. Not everyone gets a trophy. Not everyone is going to finish first. You have to have a winner and a loser. That’s the spirit of competition. It builds character.



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