The Sacrificial Lamb

As I look on my Facebook and Twitter pages, I notice people getting all excited about the press conference that S.P. Angela Corey is set to have today to announce the charges that are going to be levied against Zimmie in the case of Trayvon Martin.But before you break out your championship champagne, pump your brakes and let’s put things into its proper perspective.

While I’m glad Zimmie will get his day in court and he will have to answer for what he did, it’s only a charge. You get a charge when you drive too fast in your rig on the freeway and get a ticket. The only difference is they trust you to show up in court, pled guilty or not guilty, pay your fine, and get back into your rig and go home. The fact that Zimmie got to act as if he got a failure to rock your seatbelt ticket during this whole thing, isn’t his fault. It’s the geniuses at the Sanford Police Department’s fault who let him roll out like he had a get out of jail free card

It’s the fact that common sense didn’t prevail that has got a “Special Prosecutor” having to come in 44 days late, to charge what is now a guy who is probably sight-seeing in a town near you (allegedly). What do you expect when you see a murderer (allegedly) being treated like this

It’s as if they are going through the motions and they already know the outcome. They are offering this sacrificial lamb to slaughter to cover up something. Is someone trying to cover up for Police Chief Lee? Was this a favor for Zimmie’s father who probably still has some pull even though he’s a retired judge? For whatever reason, Zimmie is going to find out what it’s like being the lamb lead to slaughter. You’re not bigger than the system Zimmie and pops can’t pull a rabbit out of his lid cover to save your ass. Oh, but I forgot. You live in Florida. You may have a fighting chance. Sort of like how this went down.


One thought on “The Sacrificial Lamb

  1. That road sign “hack” is deplorable. This thing has turned into a clown show. The simple fact the original arresting officers (and police managing staff) failed to press appropriate charges fueled this clown show. I agree with you, let him have his day in court – that is what our laws say. I just personally think if it were an African American shooting a Caucasion, there WOULD HAVE BEEN AN ARREST MADE.

    – Me

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