Death of American Idol (A Moment of Silence)

On April 7, 2011, I made myself a promise that I have stood by to this day. I made that promise when this happened.

That night, I made a promise that I would never again watch American Idol. How do you justify voting off arguably one of the best vocalist in A.I. history? You can’t! You can’t spin that in any way, shape, or form.  Well, last week, Idol almost had history repeat itself by almost voting off, by all the accounts I have read, one of this year’s front-runners Jessica Sanchez. Only this time, the 3 stooges got it right and used its “save” vote on young Jessica. Now a few things popped into my head. Since when does a competition have a reset button?  While I don’t trust fan voting in this competition because it’s more like voting someone that meaningless “most likely to succeed” tag in high school,  it’s their vote whether you agree with it or not. And since when do you have judges who don’t have a voice in any outcome? That’s like having referees at a football game turn and ask the home crowd should they throw a penalty flag on a blatant holding call on their team. It just doesn’t happen that way nor should it. Those judges are there like a bad antique nick knack in your grandmother’s Chester cabinet. They serve no purpose except to annoy me with their passive aggressive critique on the contestants. But the point that really had me evaluate the importance of Idol is the fact that with the exception of a few alumni, the winners never quite measure up to their victory. You don’t believe me? Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Kelly Clarkson

A.I.’s 1st winner, Kelly Clarkson. She has sold 21 million records worldwide. She has won 2 Grammy’s, 3 MTV Video Music awards, 12 Billboard Awards, and 4 American Music Awards. The only downside to her career? 4 words: From Justin to Kelly. Coming in 2nd in the A.I. success barometer is…

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood. The season 4 winner has sold 12.7 million records, won 5 Grammy’s, 16 Billboard Awards, 5 American Music Awards, and 11 Country Music Awards. Her downside in her career is absolutely nothing. She brings the heat especially in the country music genre every time she busts out a CD. After these 2 ladies, the A.I. winner’s success just start to plummet into the sea of abyss. It’s just horrible. Underwood has a whooping 8.7 million records sold lead over the next most successful A.I. winner…

Jordan Sparks

Jordan Sparks. Although the season 6 winner has sold 4 million records worldwide, her only claims to fame are: dramatic weight loss, purity rings, dating a guy who broke his neck dancing, and being in the last movie the late Whitney Houston appears in, Sparkle. Sparks then out sold her closest A.I. winner alum by 2 million records…

Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia, the season 3 winner, has sold 2 million copies of her records. But she is most remembered for admitting that she couldn’t read and she (allegedly) started dating a married man who she subsequently had a baby with recently. After Barrino there is…

Ruben Studdard

Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard with 1.8 million sold, a declining waistline, and declining record sales.

Kris Allen

Kris Allen, the season 8 winner, who has sold 1.7 million records.

David Cook

David Cook, the season 7 winner who is tied in record sales at 1.6 million with last years winner…

Scotty Mccreerry

Scotty Mccreerry. Mccreerry bests season 5 winner…

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks by nearly 850 thousand record copies. And by the way, I don’t know what this guy did to the A.I. brass, but I’ve never seen someone win your title and you are just fine with having no association with the guy. No matter how much you wish it didn’t happen, it did. You can strip him from the contract, but you can’t rip that win out of his mitts. The scoreboard will always have Hicks as the winner no matter how much you hate it A.I. The one person who you have my permission to try to rip their A.I. title from is…

Lee Dewyze

Lee Dewyze. The season 9 winner has done NOTHING with his win. This guy has only sold 168,000 copies of his records. 168 thousand. That’s it. If you voted for him, shame on you. What a waste of calling in voting for this guy and what do you get in return? 168 thousand. If you voted for him, you should be required to go to your local Best Buy and buy his album. This is a prime example of why winning A.I. doesn’t benefit. It never benefits your brand when the losers of your competition go on to be more successful than your winners. The prime examples of this are…

Jennifer Hudson

ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Jennifer Hudson. J Hud finished in 6th place on season 3.

Clay Aiken

Celebrity Apprentice and Broadway performer Clay Aiken, who by the way has sold 3.5 million records worldwide since coming in 2nd place on season 2

Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry. Along with his band Daughtry has sold 4 million records worldwide. He came in 4th place on season 5.

Kellie Pickler

Kelly Pickler. She came in 6th place in Season 5, but she has rolled that into a very successful country career. Season 5 second place finisher…

Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee has a hit television show, Smash.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert, 2nd place finisher on season 8, has sold 1.2 million records worldwide.

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox. The Season 9 runner-up has outsold Season 9 winner Dewyze by 16,000 copies. And last…

Laura Alaina

Season 10 runner-up Laura Alaina has gone on to have a successful country career. She has sold 269,000 copies of her debut album beating out both the Season 9 winner and runner-up combined by 85,000 thousand copies.

According to my American Idol scoreboard, Winners 2. Non winners 8. This the reason why it’s time for the Death of American Idol. It had a great run, it was were innovative, and it made some people stars. But out of 120 contestants that have competed in 10 seasons it can only really account for 2 stars, Clarkson and Underwood. 2 out of 120 are horrible stats. Do yourself a favor A.I. and shut it down. Go out on your own terms and don’t let someone force you out. Walk away with some dignity. You are just like everything else in life. It has to come to an end. Lets now a Moment of Silence.


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