Ted’s a Nougat

Ted Nugent decides that he wants to be a fame whore and blast the President, The Attorney General of the United States, and Hill Rod Clinton with these pearls of wisdom at the NRA convention. Brace yourself because this Rhodes Scholar may just say something that might just go right over your head.

Ummm… What? “Your goal should be to recruit a couple 1000 people to vote for Mitt Romney?” Flip it Mitt? The same guy who will love you today, but when it becomes convenient it for him, he’ll tell people the total opposite. Like this!

You’re cheerleading this guy? Nug, do yourself a favor and stop hitching your fame whore caboose on the end of the Romney train because it’s gonna lead you back where you should have stayed in the 1st place: the woods of Michigan with all your guns and ammo. To fix your gullet to say that government doesn’t believe in the Constitution when you just exercised your 1st amendment right of free speech to say that the President, E. Holder, and Hill Rod are criminals is at best just plain stupid. You need to pull away from sniffing the gun powder and relax. No one wants to see you in the concrete whore house, but what I need from you is to study a map and realize that the U.S. and Indonesia are way away from each other. We will never be in the same cul-de-sac, much less the same suburb EVER Nug. I don’t need a repeat of this from some kid whose parent listened to you at the NRA convention about geography.

Bring it down a thousand Nug. Get ready for your tour, your hunting season, and leave the campaigning alone.


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