Pop Champagne (Not So Fast)

My Facebook and Twitter pages were all a buzz of happiness when this happened:

I saw reactions such as:



 Oh yes siiiir!! I’m heading to get some moscato!! Got to celebrate.


 He is a domestic terrorist and should be treated as 1. No trial no jury indefinite incarceration.

After seeing these responses, I posted this on my Facebook timeline:

 While it’s about time that Zimmie may be charged, let’s not get too happy. It’s only a charge, not a conviction. Lets wait until all the facts come out, good or bad, and lets focus not only on Zimmie, but the police dept. who let him go free in the 1st place.

Not long after I posted that statement I got this response:

Man, some of you guys are a trip! They got this guy and SOME of you are NOT satisfied..I am here with tears in my eyes and all I’m reading is…”BOUT TIME”….”Took Them Long Enough”…Remember this… IF IT TOOK THEM 365 DAYS TO GET ZIMMERMAN, I am happy they got him and he didn’t flee the COUNTRY! Now he has a day in court.

No, I’m not satisfied about him just being arrested and having this mug shot…


plastered across America because it should never just be enough to be satisfied with the bare minimum. Why would you break out the championship bubbly based on the fact that it was only a charge? What are you going to do if they convict the guy? Throw a ticker tape parade around your crib? Now, while I think the guy is as guilty as a guy caught on tape trying to rob a BP with a ski mask and a gun, he still has this little thing afforded to everyone in America called due process. Just because we have convicted Zimmie in our minds, doesn’t mean a hill of beans if A.C. and her team can’t pull off what you should be an easy case to win. She does have one big obstacle in her way though and that’s the state of Florida, who has a rep for letting people stroll out of court when it seemed to have the game well at hand. Remember this upset against the state:

Just like the Casey Anthony case, I see the same playbook and it may not go the way you think it will go. Zimmie may very well walk. He may get the Casey Anthony treatment. He may get to blow out-of-town, be secluded with his wife, and do what Casey does when she’s bored:

That is probably what you can look forward to from Zimmie if he goes free for killing Trayvon Martin. So put the cork back into your bubbly, take off your championship tee shirts and hats, and don’t celebrate just yet. Because just as this was happening:

all your celebrating and champagne popping has got you right back where this case was in the 1st place: square 1


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