Breathe, Stretch, Shake (Let It Go)

People amaze me when it comes to relationships! I have never really understood why people try their best to convince people who don’t want to be with them to be with them. They don’t want you! You just keep trying to pull the upset and convince them that being with you is the best thing. Case in point:

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders filed for divorce from

Pilar Biggers in 2011. They were married for 13 years, have 3 children, and they even entered the world of reality television with their show Prime Time Love. I don’t know what happened in the dash between 1999 and 2011, but whatever it was Prime had enough. He tried to keep things amicable between the two even while going through the divorce proceedings.

Well none of that mattered to Pilar because she came strong with her allegations. Just like an episode of Dallas(where they live coincidently) you got all the makings of a great drama. Extortion. Adultery. She even sued Deion and his daughter from a previous relationship Deiondra for 200 million for “hurting her with emotional weapons.” Emotional weapons? What is that? I get the fact that she’s hurt. I totally understand that. But when it gets to this point

It’s time to throw in the towel and quit. Just stop! You’re embarrassing yourself! Have some dignity for crying out loud! You’ve got kids. Stop already! You have a pre-nup! Anybody else with a semblance of sense would take their chips and go. Not good ole’ Pilar! Because when Pilar got wind of this photo

she went berserk. The woman in the photo, Tracy Edmonds is a business partner of Deion’s. And in “Desperate Chick” form(see Desperate Chick-March 2011)she goes off with claims of him cheating on her which resulted in this

Charges of assault being filed and someone taking a photo of it. All because Pilar and one of the members of her posse decide it’s in her best interest to go and try to 2 piece Deion upside the head all while the kids were watching. Did it make you feel good Pilar and posse member? Was throwing fist and feet at your baby daddy worth this


A mugger that you just earned all because you don’t know how to let go. If you thought you had a chance to work this out, the mugger just put an end to all that. Pilar is not the only person in the world that can’t just let it go. Why would you put energy into someone who has no interest in you at all? Breathe, stretch, shake them out of your mind and heart. Ask Pilar. I bet you she wished she had.


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