Newt finally shuts it down. THANK GOD!! Why this guy just kept hanging on was beyond me. No more hearing that god awful 1989 Hulk Hogan Real American wrestling entrance music. No more of you talking about 2 fifty gas, and no more seeing your wife and that god awful helmet hairstyle she was rocking. Go back to G.A., relax, and get ready to attend a shit load of Callista’s french horn recital.

Even though the Republican Primaries were a rap weeks ago, it can officially begin. Barack V Mitt for the Office. Even though a lot of people see this is a lock for the Pres., I would tell you to not go all championship tee and hat just yet. Even though Nit Mitt is a lying, flip-flopping idiot, this guy is poised to take the Office from Barack and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Virginia Rep. blast students who get student loans to pay for college

Very impressive Virgi. Nothing says having the youth of America’s back by saying it’s stupid of them to invest in their future by getting loans. Not everyone is you Virgi and some people really need those loans to make a better life for them and their family. I would rather someone invest in their future than have someone invest in their rig working at Mickey D’s. When you were in school Virgi, school tuition was probably 10 bucks, books were probably 3, and going to the sock hop was free if you had your student stone tablet in your hand. Times a changed since you were in school Virgi. Stop blasting and get with the program.

In Virginia, 54-year-old Micheal Deel accidentally shoots himself and his wife 49-year-old Michelle Deel…at a gun safety class. He was shot in the hand and his wife was shot in the leg because she was sitting next to him. The story just speaks for itself. You NEVER, EVER need a firearm in your possessions  Mr. and Mrs. Deel. EVER!


Dancing With The Stars bid goodbye to Gladys Knight. See ya Gladys. Thanks for coming. I bet you’re glad you can finally get of your hooves and go hang with the Pips.


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