SO……… April 26, 2012

Nit Mitt gets another endorsement (very slowly, almost with caution) yesterday from Texas Governor Rick Perry. I have never seen so many so slow to throw their support behind a candidate for their party. But than again, they would be endorsing a man who can’t even get all the delegates needed to really claim the nomination. The man who does a victory lap around the track Tuesday like he won the gold medal in the Games and he’s the only one in the race. The same guy uses his wife as a human shield with woman! And this is the guy you want to lead this country? I don’t blame Rick and the rest of the Repub. posse. I would tread with caution too. It’s going to be an interesting convention.

John Edwards corruption trail continues today with his former aide Andrew Young saying that they came close to throwing fist about Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter,was staying at Young’s crib. Now it’s bad enough that Young stated that Edwards spent 925 thou to keep Hunter a secret(allegedly). It’s bad that Edwards (allegedly) spent 28 thou on Hunter’s BMW, 24 hundred on housekeeping, and throwing 40 more thou in her purse. It’s bad, no horrible, that he had a child with Hunter all the while his wife was fighting for her life battling cancer. It’s even worse that you admit that you were willing to throw fist and try to 2 piece Edwards over a skank. Where is your pride, man? Was she breaking you off? Probably not. And if she was, Edwards got one over you with the kid. Edwards 1, Young 0. Deal with it and stop being bitter.

And as I was prepping for my post(Stop Production: 10 Reality Shows That Need To Shut It Down) I see there is a petition online asking people to boycott Basketball Wives. I don’t know what took so long, but all that doesn’t matter because now it’s on! To see these woman (who by the way none of them are married) jumping on tables barefoot to slap someone isn’t fresh and just stupid. Like I stated, the only one of these chicks I can stomach is Kesha Nichols and she stands out like a sore thumb because…she doesn’t fight and she is, dare I say, trying to be a businesswoman. Take note Va’Shaundya and the rest of your Ex Wives Club and come up with something else to do because BBW is about to be over.


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