Stop production: 10 reality shows that need to shut it down.

Remember the days when there was no such thing as reality television? When the TV show had to have some kind of plot? Something that could keep your interest for a number of years with great writing and great actors? These days, instead of actually having someone think of the next great television phenomenon, they just go straight reality TV mode. Find some people, stick them in a house or the woods, bring some cameras, and there you go. Instant TV. Some of these shows have now worn out their welcome. Just like my post on American Idol (see Death Of American Idol-A Moment of Silence) I found 10 reality shows that just need to shut it down and go out on its own terms. Number one…

Any Kardashian reality show period. These media sluts just keep trying their little hearts out to ram their boring lives down our throats. So what that Kim didn’t really love Hump and she whored her fame out for money, ratings, and a toaster. So what that Khlo married Wimpy after only 30 whole days and she wants to have a kid. Who cares that Kourt is in a relationship with a fake-ass modern-day Liberace’ and is having another baby with him. Who cares about Kris trying to pimp out the Jenner girls (Kylie and Kendall) just to fatten her pocket. These chicks take fame whoring to the extreme. Anything for the paycheck. All this to the detriment of her their family name. Everything about them should have been made crystal clear when Kris Pimpher had Kim pull this stunt:

That’s how you teach them Pimpher. Take the shine away from someone else so you and yours can profit. You can do whatever with your family you want. I just don’t need to see it anymore.

Number 2…

The Real Housewives of Orange County. These chicks are probably the biggest insomniac cure known to man. This cast has changed cast members 8 times in 7 seasons with only Vicki Gunvalson being it’s only original cast member. These women are plastic,  phony as a freshly minted counterfeit 100 dollar bill drying in a dryer, have no personality, and whine about absolutely nothing. They are all trying way too hard to stay relevent and it’s just not working for them.

Number 3…

The Real Housewives Of New York. This show is a close second in the snooze department. The show that brought you the Skinnygirl, these women are as interesting as watching paint dry on a wall. Without the Skinnygirl, this show has been nothing but a waste of film and time. I can only take Countess Dracula screaming at the top of her lungs through my TV speakers about money can’t buy me class so much. I can only take seeing Turtle Time bug her eyes out and see her pound one more glass of Pinot Grigio to her throat box so much. 5 cast changes in 5 years isn’t fresh and its time to move on. And by the way, these women live in the largest city in America. You guys don’t know any minorities? Last I check, N.Y. is a melting pot and you all don’t have any minority friends? Are you depicting the real New York or your version of New York? I’m just saying.

Number 4…

Bethenny Ever After. Listen, I like the Skinnygirl. She carried the Housewives of New York. Everyone was rooting for her to find true love and she did. So naturally the Skinnygirl would get a spinoff about her getting married, having a baby, and juggling a whirlwind career. I get it. But when you play out EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING, going on with your life, it gets to be too much and cause a lot of friction with the people who love you the most. I’m saying take this show off the air for the welfare of the star. Having someone have a nervous breakdown right in front of me isn’t cool. This woman is having a lot of problems with her family from her mother to her husband. I’m no M.D., but I don’t think this is helping her in any way. Put the cameras down, pull the plug, and give the Skinnygirl some time to take care of herself. No one wants to see Bethanny After The Divorce and Breakdown.

Number 5…

The Bachelor. Since when does a show go 0 and 15 record when it come to its couple and you still have your gig? This show hasn’t produced one couple that has stayed together. Not 1. The only reason the Bachelorette didn’t make the list is because they do have 1 couple in their Hall of Fame that has stayed together. Stop killing roses, wasting tape, and just admit that you are not a successful matchmaker. Leave the matchmaking to E Harmony, Christian Mingle, and Patty Stanger

Number 6

America’s Next Top Model. If you can name 5 models off the top of your head from this show that have been successful, you are doing better than three-fourths of America including the contestants. This show is totally irrelevant. The most famous model that has come this show is the show’s creature and that is never good for business.

Number 7…

Basketball Wives. When the exec of the show Va’Shaundya Nelson a.k.a Shaunie O’Neal has to defend the show by saying this…

“I’m extremely happy that Basketball Wives continues to have another successful fourth season. As the ratings have been through the roof since our season opener, fans continue to tune into the lives of Evelyn, Tami, Jennifer, Royce, Suzie and myself. As there is always controversy and indifference projected on the show, because we are all individual personalities, I always hope that people will find that as much as you may agree or disagree with the opinions, the behavior, and even our different taste in shoes, you are taking a look inside the lives of four complete different women. I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show, but if we were to edit certain things out the show would be scripted and not reality.”

As a woman of color with kids, I am very aware of myself, but I also have to be aware that my choices cannot be the same for everyone on the show and I have to respect that. I hope the fans feel they see a balance and know we have always been real with our stories, even though it may not always be a positive portrayal of adult women but real women nonetheless. I look forward to developing other media platforms in the future and hope that fans will continue to support.”

we know that the show is bull and you just need to stop. You’re the exec Va’shaundya. You are the one who can stop all the fighting like this:


But because you are going to the bank cashing large checks at these women’s expense, you are gonna keep it status quo no matter how it makes African-American women look to the media. No amount of money is worth your dignity as a double minority in some people’s mind, being an African-American and being a woman. All of these women except for one, Kesha Nichols, get on my last nerves. They’re nauseating, petty, and childish. A show full of bitter broads just isn’t entertaining. It’s sad.

Number 8…

Toddlers and Tiaras. Great. A show that’s right up the alley for the man who replaced Osama Bin Laden on the F.B.I.’s 10 Most Wanted List, Eric Justin Toth. I get moms who want to put their kids in pageants, but when mom is pushy and the kid would rather be playing with a Bratz doll than having M.A.C. makeup applied to her grill, it’s time to quit.

Number 9…

Survivor. Who know there were 24 known jungles in the world? I certainly didn’t. Just like American Idol, the show that brought the world Elizabeth Hasselbeck, needs to go out on its own terms. This show reminds me of a 40 something year old trying to hang with 20 year olds at the club. It’s not a good look and people are laughing at you. You were innovative for your time, but it’s time to move on.

Number 10…

The Real World. The elder statesman of reality television has been rolling for 26 seasons and there seems to be no slowdown on the show. But like Idol and Survivor, it’s time to close the book on this show because with the Shore kids and Teen Mom on the scene, the show is like that awkward uncle who tries to be cool and just isn’t successful at doing it. And just a suggestion, if you want to re-invent yourself, make the Real World, the REAL WORLD. Instead of putting these kids in a fully stocked and furnished house, have them get regular jobs, have the 7 strangers pile in a 3 bed/ 2 bath shack, and have them figure out to pay the bills. Now that’s the real world.


3 thoughts on “Stop production: 10 reality shows that need to shut it down.

  1. Amen. I would add 16 & Pregnant & Teen Mom to the list. If those shows are meant to prevent teen pregnancy, it ain’t working. My daughter’s friends want to get pregnant and be on TV. When I saw a little girl dressed like a hooker on Toddlers & Tiaras, I was sickened. Her mom thought it was so cute.

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