Barack V Mitt-The Showdown For The Office Preview.

November 6, 2012. That’s the date of the general election for what I’m calling The Showdown For The Office between…

The President Barack Obama and former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney. While some people are already predicting a win for the President, there are some intangibles that may say otherwise. The President does have a lead of 49% to 43% as of Wednesday, if the election was held today. But that’s really not a lot for a guy who’s opponent doesn’t even really have the backing of his party. Let’s be honest, the Republicans would have rather have a broken leg horse than Romney. When you get this from your party

that’s more than a slip, that’s fall along the lines of the saying a drunk mouth speaks a sober mind. It also doesn’t help when you have the personality of a clear plastic cutting board. The President does have some personality

as opposed to this forced entry.

The President also gets some style points for doing something that seems foreign to Mitt and that is sticking to his beliefs whether you agree or not.

And who could root against the President’s posse.

Everyone loves Michelle, Sasha, Malia, and Joe Bi(who I think would be a great candidate for a run at The Office in 2016). When you get a guy that does this fumble of the brain to Sen. Chuck Graham of Missouri who’s in a wheelchair…

you can’t buy that with any amount of money. That gaffe is classic and priceless. Who could root against that?

The same people in 2008 that didn’t want Barack in office the 1st time, that’s who. And it doesn’t matter who is in front of them.

They want Barack out of office and they want it now. It doesn’t matter that Barack got the big bad American appointed boogeyman

Osama Bin Laden, they will do anything to get Barack out of office. Some women would rather have their rights over their body taken away than have another 4 years of Barack. Even when women know that Romney is just throwing his wife Ann out there like a human shield.

They are willing to put all that aside to get Barack out of office. And it just may work. From the gallop poll from Wednesday there is 8% that is unaccounted for. That 8% is where this showdown will ultimately lie. Mitt has the President on gas and unemployment. And even though Barack has made some strides in the those 2 areas, will it be enough to beat Mitt? My prediction is a win for the President, but not by much. I think it’s going to be a very close tight race. But let me also say this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitt won. What do you think?


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