SO…Week in Review

What a week it has been! 3 of the top stories this week have been…

Virginia Rep. Virginia Foxx blast students who get student loans to further their education. Probably in your day Virgi, tuition was probably 10 bucks, 3 for books, and your free stone tablet ID so that you could get into the sock hop and occasionally buy some moonshine from the farmer who was walking distance from your school. Times have changed Virgi. College now is expensive.To knock young people who want to further their education, but can’t afford it is simply just wrong on your part. Maybe this country should look to make college free, that way we wouldn’t have to worry about the likes of you talking trash and downing young people. If you’re not going to contribute to people who can’t afford school, shut the hell up and move out-of-the-way.


Zimmie is allowed to keep the over 200 thou that he raised on his website while in hiding. I really don’t care if the guy had raised a million bucks. What I do care about is who are the people who are dropping Benjamins, Grants, Jacksons, Hamiltons, Lincolns, Washingtons, silver money, copper money, euros, pesos, and pounds on this guy! I get being prisoner of the moment. But to throw ducketts at an actual prisoner is taking it way to far. And memo to Zimmie’s P.R.: Put the ‘he has some black heritage’ card back in your pocket because no one cares. All anyone cares about is that a young man is dead and his killer is out free on bond.


After my post this week(Stop Production: 10 Reality Shows That Need To Shut It Down) wouldn’t you know, a petition has been started online to get rid of Basketball Wives. Aside the fact that none of them are wives, the fact is that this is really what keeps this show on the air

As much as Va’shuandya states that she hates that this goes on, you are right in the thick of it. You’re getting paid off these women and you really don’t care how it looks as long as you can keep check depositing from this foolishness. The only one of these chicks I can tolerate is Kesha Nichols and my prediction is that she won’t be on next year because she doesn’t partake in the drama. All she wants to do is dance and throw her fist and feet in the air for fun and not throw her fist and feet at someone’s grill. Either shut it down Va’shaundya or revamp and get some actual wives to be on the show. But then again, real wives probably got better things to do then hang out with your dysfunctional posse.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “SO…Week in Review

  1. Virginia Foxx is taking the Libertarian view of college education… After she has hers haha. Isn’t that about right? This lady gets hers and screw everyone else after that. Typical. I wonder if she remembers when women could not vote? Or how about blacks? Would she suggest we should go back to those times or when Fred Flinstone was placing a rack of ribs so large on his car it tipped it over? Idiot. This lady is out of touch.

    Zimmy (our friend) should not be able to capitalize on this Martin episode. This should be illegal. I would also be curious who would donate to his cause. I say leave him in jail, and if his peers find him guilty – jail, if innocent – walk. Nothing more to discuss in my opinion.

    The wives. . . While entertaining, not exactly reality. I think you are right, if Kesha doesn’t get in the fray, she will no longer be on the show. Drama and fake fighting is what runs this program.

    Love the blog, keep posting!

    – Me

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