Head Scratcher: 10 Who Make You Wonder How They Have a Career

Have you ever wondered how someone in your life makes money at their career? We’ve all done it. Not that you’re being nosey, but you just wonder ‘How the hell is this person having a career and they are just as goofy and daft as they want to be?’ I thought that about a few people and came up with 10.

Number 1…

Amber Rose. Just what does she do? Her claims to fame are your damn near bald head, you dated Kanye West, and you’re a former stripper. Beyond that, what else you got? I know! You got Number 2 on the list…

Wiz Khalifa. His “Black & Yellow” song seems like it was 5 years ago. What did he follow it up with? His album Rolling Papers which went gold and a marijuana possession charge. Yet this guy still seems to stay relevent.

Number 3…

Channing Tatum. Yeah, he did The Vow, but what did he follow it up with? 21 Jump Street. That was horrible. The question is what does this guy have to keep getting some primo roles? What? He’s no respected thespian like Robert De Niro. He’s just another face. And?!

Number 4…

Erin Andrews. So got a career from running and interviewing coaches after a win. Very impressive. This woman is also famous for Dancing with the Stars and having some weirdo poke holes through her hotel room to watch her naked and put it on the net. And?!

Number 5…

2 Chainz. Yes, 2 Chainz. Formerly known as Tity Boi. This guy seems to be super successful down in the southern region of the country without releasing a solo album yet. His claim to fame is that he was half of a group Playaz Circle. And!?

Number 6…

Kreayshawn. Who? My point exactly!

Number 7…

Waka Flocka Flame. Nothing screams gangster like some grown ass man rocking a Fozzie the Bear and a

Foghorn Leghorn chain. Really? Apparently he makes that much money doing his music to pay for it. Beats the heck out of me how.

Number 8…

The cast of Twilight. Outside of Taylor Lautner, what has this cast done? Uh…NOTHING! Keep this up and you will be regulated to obscurity like the cast of The O.C. If you can name 5 of those cast members, you’re doing pretty good.

Number 9…

Gloria Allred. Name one high-profile case has been on. Heck, name me one court case that she has ever tried? Everytime I see this chick,  she’s always having some kind of presser with the media for some dumb, downtrodden woman who if they had a lick of common sense, they would know that they don’t need Allred to get them out of the jam they are in.

And Number 10..

A tie between Sherrie Shepard and Elizebeth Hasselbeck. Nothing like starting off your day with a bitter woman(Shepard) and political dingbat (Hasselbeck). How Shepard got on the show, I don’t know. And Hasselbeck’s claim to fame is that she is married to a former N.F.L. player and was a contestant on Survivor. Is that you have to do to get a gig of TV? Hell, if that’s the case, I’ll go play in traffic on the 805 freeway and get famous for doing something stupid.

Well that’s my list. Any thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Head Scratcher: 10 Who Make You Wonder How They Have a Career

    • I had to narrow it down. :@) I would still be writing right now if I hadn’t taken a few days to just get the 10 most extreme people I thought. I had plenty. Trust me. I may do another 10 next week. What do you think?

  1. Good ones. I can’t stand Gloria Allred. She seems more like a media whore than a real lawyer. I feel sorry for the ladies, then that woman takes up their cause and I instantly stop paying attention.

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