SO…May 4, 2012

A Missouri woman,

Teresa Stone

40-year-old Teresa Stone, plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder for the March 2010  of her husband Randy Stone on Monday. Why is this significant? Because she conspired to the murder with this guy

David Love

51-year-old David Love who just so happened to be

Her church pastor! The two of them had a 10 year affair and Love even gave the eulogy at Stone’s funeral. What doctrine were you teaching Love? Everyone obey the 10 commandments except for me? Did you forget the 10 in seminary school? Since when does seminary school have a course that teaches you to sleep with your parishioners? Uh…NONE!!! And by the way, why would you kill another man for his woman? News Flash genius: If she would whore out for you, she would whore out the next guy. Now you’re in jail for the rest of your life and Stone will be out in 10, back to whoring, and will then forget about you. Stone doesn’t strike me as a woman who you can depend on for putting money on your books for the bad habits you are going to pick up in prison. As for Stone, if you re-marry and it doesn’t work out with your next husband, there is this thing called divorce and they have lawyers for it. It may cost you a little money, but it beats spending time behind bars. It’s less messy and you get a piece of paper stating you are no longer together instead of a judge throwing down a 10 year sentence with a gavel. Something to think about next time.

Just when it couldn’t get any worse, reports are that Basketball Wives may be coming to a movie theatre near you. Great. The movie is being produced by Va’Shaundya and

Tracy Edmonds

Tracy Edmonds. You remember Tracy. The same woman in this photo

that (allegedly) got Prime Time 2 pieced upside the head by his wife and her friend a few days after the photo surfaced. The movie is supposed to be based loosely on Va’Shaundya and her friends lives. Well, isn’t already fiction? The show is called Basketball Wives, yet NONE of them are wives! And what kind of superior plot could you possibly come up with to make any person with a shred of common sense plop down 10 bones a piece to sit in a theatre to watch it on a screen when I can watch it in the comfort of my living room each week? And what actresses career are you trying to kill? Get casted in this thing and you can kiss your career good-bye. Save your money Trace and Va’Shaundya. If you want to be together, just go on vacation somewhere like everyone else.


On a personal note. This is my little man J.T. Let’s all have a moment of silence…for his manhood! This morning, he gets his manhood snatched. Never will he have little J.T.’s running around. We don’t ever have to worry about another bitch knocking on the door of my shack barking “J.T. got me preggers!” No he didn’t because he can’t. Bye manhood. Thanks for stopping by.


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