SO…Week In Review

What a week it has been! There were a lot of things going on this week. The 3 things that stuck out in my   mind this week were…

Teresa Stone

40-year-old Missouri woman, Teresa Stone, pleads guilty to conspiring to commit murder of her husband Randy Stone in March 2010 with 51-year-old David Love…

David Love

Her church pastor! Way to do it, D. If you are so bold to break half of the 10 commandments, do it right and don’t half-ass it! Finish the job! Nothing I hate worse is when someone goes hard for half of a task and just quits on the other half! I don’t get understand you! You were willing to throw your life away for a cheating woman who, if you ended up with her, was going to cheat on you. So why can’t you finish what you started with the rest of the 10? She’ll be out in 10 years and back to doing what she does best and all you got out of it was a date with Bubba and an incomplete job.

This week during the John Edwards corruption trial, a judge allowed a sex tape featuring Edwards and his “mistress” Rielle Hunter into evidence. Great. Just what the world is on pins and needles waiting on. A sex tape from Edwards and Hunter. And you know, it’s coming. The same people who brought you

1 Night in Paris and

A Ray-J/Kim Kardashian sex tape are just waiting for “someone” to stroll into their office and start to auctioning it off like

Dan Dotson from Storage Wars. Call it Porn Wars.I can just see someone strolling in with theme music

into a porn office.

“Hey dude, I got this tape. John Edwards, man!”


“John Edwards, man! You know. Former Presidential candidate. Wife was sick. Cheating on his wife while she was sick with this chick on the tape. Come on man! This is an exclusive! Come on, man. You got a market for this.”

“Oh yeah, Edwards. Heard of him.”

“That’s right. And I got a primo sex tape man, We can make a killing. It’s on fire. I’ll sell it to you for 10,000 dollars.”

“I’ll buy from you for 15.”


“No. 15 bucks.”

“What? OK, 10,000 is a little high. How about the 5,000.”

“How about 5 bucks?”

“OK. Sold.”

Memo to porn offices: Don’t put this tape out. Nobody wants to see Edwards in his birthday gear trying to go all Ron Jeremy on his skank. Gross.


On a somber note, the world lost 2 great people. A hometown hero in my city of San Diego, Junior Seau. He was always a pillar of this community. Always giving of his time to worthy causes. He will be sorely missed here in the Diego and

Adam Yauch of the hip-hop pioneers The Beastie Boys. M.C.A. helped hip hop music become mainstream. An architect of hip hop music. You will be missed. Have a great weekend everyone. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let me leave you with this


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