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SO…May 7, 2012/ Suspect Posse

This weekend was the Floyd Mayweather /Miquel Cotto fight. Although it should have been about the fight, it quickly turned into who was rolling with Mayweather’s Money Team into the ring. You had Curtis

(50 Cent), Dewayne

(Lil Wayne) Paul Levesque

(Triple H) and none other than

The Biebs.  Yes Justin Bieber. Baby, Baby, Baby Oh. That kid. Selena Gomez’s man was a part of Money Mayweather’s freak show Saturday with 2 of Floyd’s 400 belts display. I get having 50 Cent in your crew. I get having Triple H rolling with the posse. To some extent, I get having Lil Wayne. But Justin Bieber? Never Say Never? This guy?

No wonder Cotto lost! I’d be scared too if I had to worry about if I had won, one of Mayweather’s posse members going all West Side Story on my ass! Cotto wasn’t worried about a 275 pound pro wrestler. He wasn’t even intimidated by a guy who was shot 9 times and lived. He was shaken in his boxing gear because across from him was Danny Zuko Bieber. He was afraid that the rest of the T-Birds were going to come in and bum rush him if he won. He was afraid that Sandy Olsson Gomez and the Pink Ladies was going to attack Cotto’s wife

and the rest of the fam sitting ringside. Bieber doesn’t strike me as one who would ‘Go Hard in The Paint’ with me if a brawl breaks out. I would roll with Cotto’s son quicker than with Biebs. If I were Cotto, I would have countered the Money Team with the Cinco de Mayo team Saturday night. They would’ve consisted of

Kanye West


Ric Flair and/or

Dusty Rhodes and

Joe Jonas. This makes everything even at this point. My bigger question is not so much how you get on the Money Team, but how you get off. Floyd has a weird thing about pop and R&B acts. He needs them around for some reason. You have to suck if you get booted off the Money Team. You have to suck if you

get replaced by Justin Bieber in a posse. Biebs took Ray J’s, aka Brandy’s brother, spot on the Money Team. That’s just embarrassing. It’s more embarrassing than this

An impromptu concert in Floyd’s living room. Singing to another man about having One Wish worries me Floyd. It’s a little suspect Floyd. I could see 50 Cent doing a song in your crib around a bunch of guys. But Ray J singing a love song? Not what I would picture from you Floyd. But then again, I didn’t see the Biebs coming either.


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