SO…May 8, 2012

Nearly a month after suspending his campaign

Sweater Vest Rick Santorum FINALLY endorsed Nit Mitt…through an email! Damn Sweater, was that like pulling teeth? Way to show your party how you really feel about Nit Mitt. Nothing says supporting your party candidate more than a half ass ‘I’m only endorsing you because you are a part of my party’ endorsement. I would have rather you just not endorse Nit Mitt at all if you were going to come out of the box all Triple U (Uninspired, Unenthusiastic, and Uncaring).

But I can almost not blame Sweater for the slow endorsement because if this the leader we have to look forward to then this country is in trouble. This is what Romney said to a woman who said the Pres. should be tried for treason.

Memo to chick who said that the Pres. should be tried for treason: Remember this guy!

Where were you when we almost suffered the biggest financial collapse in the history of this country? 2 wars? You know it’s bad when this happens to the President on foreign soil.

But this isn’t about W. It’s about the fact that Romney didn’t stand up to the woman. He neither agreed or disagreed. Typical Nit Mitt. Can’t commit to anything. What kind of leader will you be if you can’t stand up for anything. Even the Pres. opponent from 2008 John McCain stood up for the Pres.

Come on man!! Will you stand for something! Anything! Commit to never wearing jeans with a dress shirt tucked in. Commit to commit. Something! You want The Office. News flash: It’s actually work Nit Mitt. If you can’t commit, just bow out now and go back to one of your 15 home states. But then again, you would probably flip-flop on that.


Any of you know Savannah McMillian-Christmas? No? Well, here’s something to refresh your memory

I’ll tell what it’s all about Steve

Savannah McMillian-Christmas

You see, Miss Christmas had been accused of stalking NBA player

Kenyon Martin who by the way…IS NO LONGER ON THE TEAM!!!  Her father Chris Christmas issued this statement

“I was in shock when I saw her on the floor.There is a personal issue in her life that she has been dealing with that makes her impulsive. She was really excited about the game. Her emotions overwhelmed her. This is something she will regret. She is traumatized. We would respect if everyone would be sensitive to this.”

So was everyone else, Chris. Did you see her reaction? She looked astonished that they were taking her away from the court. Like she belonged there. Like she was in practice all this week and she is stunned that security won’t let her on the court. She looked like ‘Do you know who I am? I’m Christmas, bitch! I can find out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. I will have one of my reindeer come and kick your ass. Screw it. I’m not going to trouble Rudolph, Donner, or Blixen with this. I’m going get

Hermey, the elf dentist to lay the smack down. Maybe I can get

Yukon Cornelius because at least he has some variety. At least he can choose from the gun and hammer in his waistband or the pick ax he throws to commence to whuppin’ that ass. You decide’


4 thoughts on “SO…May 8, 2012

  1. Oh, the pick ax. Definitely the pick ax. I’ve never seen anyone with pick ax skills like Yukon Cornelius.

    As for Romney and his heartwarming defense of our president against erroneous charges of treason from unbalanced wingnut supporters…what a wuss. Really inspires me to put my trust in him as the leader of the free world. NOT!!

    • Doesn’t he though! Wouldn’t he just make you feel all good inside knowing that he’s on the job. I can just see now: A parent tucking their kid into their race car bed. With their Winnie the Pooh blanket and their Buzz Lightyear footy pajamas and Mom or Pops break out into a impromptu story on how great it is to have Nit Mitt on the job. They tell the kid “It’s not that he doesn’t know what he stands for, it just means he’s flexible and just goes with the flow.” Who would not want that guy protecting our country? Well I know at least 2, you and me!!! :@)

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