I Ain’t Sayin’ Kill’em (But I Understand)

Growing up in Alabama, dealing with civil rights is almost second nature next to breathing. Growing up as a African-America in Alabama had it own set of challenges all together. I remember vividly like it was yesterday. I was in the 3rd grade. I was only 1 of 2 African-American students at an all male military school that went from kindergarten to high school. One morning I was going into my desk and I had this note. In this note, the word Nigger was written 6 times. I gave the note to Ms. Chapelle, my 3rd grade teacher. At that moment, she put her hand on my head and started praying. I know what she was doing, but the other kids looked at her like she had a 3rd head on her body. She took the note to the principal’s office. After a couple of days, I was called to the principal’s office. They found out who wrote the note. It was who I suspected all along, so it wasn’t a shock. The principal asked why did you write this note. He said because someone in his house broke his choo- choo train. That was the stupidest reason I had ever heard. So you are going to hurt me because of something that wasn’t in my control, that I had nothing to do with, and was none of my business?

So when the state of North Carolina passed Amendment 1, which bans same-sex marriage and civil unions, it brought up all those memories that I had growing up in the South. Being treated different because I was of another race and had different skin than someone else. When you hear a so-called man of God say this

It brings back memories of this

The church seems to want to segregate its self from the people that they say we should love and fellowship with. ‘Love one another.’ That’s the mantra that has been told by a many of clergy. But yet in this instance, they seem to be saying ‘Love one another, but only on the conditions that I see and deem fit.’ Christians that use the Word of God to spread this

are the same as Christians who use the Bible to spread this years ago and to this day

These “Christians” use the same hurtful words that were used long ago.

Fag today is what Nigger was and is today. Fag Hag is what Nigger Lover was and is today. ‘You love the Gays’ is what ‘You love them Niggers’ was and is today.’ But yet some Christians do it under the guise of the Word of God. Some Christians seem to conveniently forget from the Bible the most simple passage in it where it says in Luke 6: 31- And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye them also likewise. The good old Golden rule. Something that goes conveniently out the window when talking about same-sex marriage and civil unions. Aren’t you always preaching that we are all part of God’s family? When any of your family members do something to make you mad, do you go out and picket their house, scream obscenities to them as they’re pulling in to the driveway, and condemn them to a life of eternal damnation because they don’t agree with what you believe? Of course not. You love them the same. That’s all people want. Is to be loved, understood and tolerated. They say ‘he who is without sin, cast the first stone.’ Well, a lot of Christians have been throwing a lot of stones and pebbles at the gay community. Well, what would happen if one day, the LGBT community started doing this

Circa 1992. Throwing bricks to the head like Damian “Football” Williams did to Reginald Denny of people who say they were called by God to spread the good news to everyone with the hopes that they accept Christ so that one day they will be in heaven. Just like you saying because I’m black I’m going to send to hell, saying you are a Christian isn’t going to get you to heaven either. Saying you love God isn’t the saving grace. Showing you love EVERYONE despite difference, is the saving grace.


One thought on “I Ain’t Sayin’ Kill’em (But I Understand)

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    This is a great post that points out some things that ought to be obvious to thinking people already. The fact that there is still a need to point them out is sad, but it’s worth it to keep trying.

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