SO…May 14, 2012/My New Favorite News Anchor

Everyone has a favorite news outlet. Whether it’s your local news station or a national one like CNN, you tune in for whatever reason. You may like it because of the news anchor’s personality. You may be watching because you’re all surface level and find the news anchor hot. Well Friday, i found a new favorite news anchor. Now my number 1 news reporter is

Soledad O’Brien.  Now she is going to have to share the number 1 spot with this young lady

MSNBC afternoon anchor Tamron Hall. As I watched MSNBC, I would see the little promo pieces that they would do to kind of let you get to know who their anchors were. I would catch her show occasionally. I didn’t think much of her. That was until Friday when she did this to GOP commentator Tim Carney

Tamron went ‘gangsta’ on live TV! She made Tim Carney her bitch right in front of America. That was awesome! She owned him!  She checked Carney and Nit Mitt’s manhood right in front of our very eyes. “50 years ago, I was a much tougher kid probably in high school than Mitt Romney was.” She gave Mitt a subliminal pimp slap. Carney tried his best for a comeback by crying like a 2-year-old.

“What you’re doing is a typical media trick.” Carney said. Which she came back with a 2 piece to his dome with the ‘Bitch, you knew what I was going to ask when you were asked to come and sit down in the chair. You didn’t have to show up, but you’re here. You’re in my house, bitch! Stop acting like a bitch and answer the questions’ response. You would think Carney would stop right there. But oh no, not Carney because he tried to come hard at Hall again

“You’re bringing up a meta story. I’m trying to go meta meta on you?!” Which garnered the response of ‘You don’t want me to come through the screen and kick your ass! You’re being a whiny bitch and it’s irritating the hell out of me! Let me go before I open a fresh, new improved can of Whoop Ass on you! I’m out! What was even funnier was MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams laughing in the background!

“Dude stop laughing and help me out here!”

“Hell no! You’re on your own, buddy! I don’t want her going meta, meta, meta on my ass!”

Jimmy knew what was in store if he opened his grill to try to defend Carney and Jimmy wanted no parts of that! Just awesome!

My new favorite news anchor, Tamron Hall. Going all cerebral assassin on the Repubs!


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