So… May 15th, 2012

We say goodbye to Dr. Ronald “McDonald” Paul effective yesterday. I don’t know who was worse, him or Newt for trying to stay in a battle that they had no absolute shot of winning. If he didn’t come across a cantankerous, racist old man and if he would have run probably 40 years ago, he may have had a shot. But alas, we don’t get the chance to meet Father Time and ask when we can come on this Earth, so we have to deal with the cards we are dealt. So see ya Dr. McDonald, thanks for coming. Go back to your shack and wait on your AARP notices to show up in the mail.

The TV show X Factor has 2 new judges

Britney Spears and

Demi Lovato. They replace

Paula Abdul and

Nicole Scherzinger for the 2nd season of the show. Is this the best you can do? So, let me get this right. You’re going to replace Abdul and Scherzinger with the Spurs?  The 1 chick that,at a problem’s notice, will go from this

to this?

And Lovato, who is already on fragile mental ground, you’re going to put her in this pressure cooker? The bi-polar girl who likes to cut herself?! Really? You want to put her in that environment! Talk about thinking of her well-being. Now, I’m not saying people who are bi-polar can’t function, but when have people in the public eye such as

Kurt Kobain (suicide)

Axl Rose (career down the toilet) and

Adam Ant (arrested in 2002 for threatening patrons in a UK pub with a starter’s pistol) it’s just a little something to think about. You want to take a chance of putting Lovato in this position?

You think she is ready for that kind of melt down? Not even close. Big mistake Simon. Very big mistake.


Last week, I gave an open plea for Kesha Nichols to become a justified quitter and leave Basketball Wives

I sent the plea apparently to no avail. So, I make the plea again this week. QUIT!! QUIT NOW!! I’m not trying to be negative! I’m coming from a positive place! Since when does a BOSS condone that type of bullying of a person in her face and she does nothing. I know when! When your name is Va’shaundya and you have a crew of do nothing chicks that’s who. Like I’ve said in blog post past, you don’t need the show because YOU are a legit business woman with a legit business! I’m saying QUIT because YOU DON’T NEED THEM and YOU don’t need their self-inflicted dramas. No one would know who

Suzie Ketcham was if not for the show. Her only claim to fame is she spit some kids for one of the biggest bust in NBA history

Micheal Olawakandi. You want to be associated with that? All I’m saying is just quit and leave these broads to do whatever it is they do. Again, you’re the square peg trying to fit in their round holes and it just isn’t working. Turn this page in your life and move on.







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