SO…May 18, 2012/ Where Are They Now

An autopsy report shows that Trayvon Martin had a small trace of THC, the psychoactive agent found in marijuana in his system at the time of his death. It was also reported that the small amount was not enough to cause alarm or alter his state of mind. And this is why I said not to start breaking out the championship tee shirts, hats, and popping champagne. There is a lot more to this story. And I have a question? Where are all the hoodies now? Since Zimmie was arrested, you can’t find a soul flossing a hoodie for 100 miles now. Where are all these people who were hooding it up with their family members on Facebook and Twitter? I can tell you where. Nowhere. Memo to all the people who were rocking the hoodie, making Mars rich by buying Skittles, and the Arizona Beverage Company rich by buying Arizona Iced Tea for a rally:

Just because they’re not blowing it up on the news doesn’t mean that the situation is over. See it through all the way after you turn your TV and radio off. Just don’t have a rally because it’s the cool thing to do at the moment. Understand that when you turn your TV and radio off, it’s out of sight, out of mind. When Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin turn off their TV and radio, it’s still going on. Remember them?

The parents of the young man who, when the story was hot, everyone was throwing hoodie club parties in honor of, a hoodie BBQ in honor of, and having a rock- your- hoodie- to- work day in honor of.

Where are all those people? I’ll tell you. They have moved on because the story isn’t as hot now as it was just a few weeks ago. And once the trial starts, people will be back in their hoodies, back to buying Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea just to say they are part of the cause. News Flash: Being a part of the cause is putting in work when the lights are dim on the spotlight you want to be in. Remember, there is a bigger cause than you thinking you’re doing the Martin family a favor by going to the mall and buying a hoodie. It’s a thing called justice. It’s an everyday fight. Not a 2 time a year Floyd Mayweather fight.


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