SO…May 22, 2012

Yesterday, I blogged about this guy

Desmond Hatchett

33-year-old Desmond Hatchett. The father to 30 children by 11 different woman. Well, no sooner did I post the piece, there was some one who would give Desmond a run for his money.

Meet 37-year-old Angel Adams.

Angel Adams

She is the mother of 15 kids. No sooner did I call the repairman to fix my glass on my Triple U alarm system, I had to break it out again because she had the Triple U(Uninspiring, Unfunny, Utterly stupid) trifecta rolling. Just watch all this unfold.

“Someone needs to pay…for alllllll my children and for all my and Gary’s suffering. Someone needs to be accountable and some needs to pay!” 

Really, Angel! Really! Let me get this right. You chose to have 15 kids and some how this is my fault and I need to pay? I scoff at you Angel! What’s wrong with you? My name isn’t Gary and I never, ever slept with you to get any of those kids so where do you get this idea that I owe YOU money? This is uninspiring and unfunny because YOU really believe that some one owes you and YOU are demanding that I pay. Newsflash chick: I DON’T OWE YOU NOTHING. What some one owes you is a kick in the ass and the head for being stupid as to having 15…wait! There’s been a developement in your story

You don’t have 15 kids now, you have 16. So now, not only do you have 16 kids, you also have another arrest on your rap sheet to go along with it. Very nice! That’s how you do it! Cuss me out for not helping you. Then help yourself and your 15, er, 16 kids by getting arrested. Very smart Angel. These kids will never go astray with you as their role model. 2 Triple U moments in to 2 days. Can I get a 3rd?



4 thoughts on “SO…May 22, 2012

  1. And it’s somebody from Tampa. Why am I not surprised…as a Florida resident, I have to say I understand why the rest of the country calls us “FloriDUH”.

    “Somebody needs to be held accountable”??? Are you frickin’ serious, lady?

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