SO…May 23, 2012

The finals of American Idol between hometown contestant

Jessica Sanchez and

Phillip Phillips was last night. And although it should be all about the singing, once again in American Idol fashion, it turns into a bad soap opera. According to reports, while young Phillip was singing his heart out, he is in desperate need of surgery on his kidneys! Reports are that Phillips is in so much pain, that most likely immediately after the winner is announced tonight, he will undergo surgery! A couple of problems here. One, Phillip, winning the A.I. strap and getting the championship tee and hat isn’t more important than your health, bro! What if you were to have irreversible damage to your soul temple all in the name of being the latest winner of American Idol? And Idol producers, are you that desperate for ratings that you would allow Phillips to continue to compete knowing that he needs this surgery like 6 weeks go literally? This is why I keep saying Idol needs to go! J-Lo needs to take her ass and the crew with it when she booty shakes out of the door. I don’t blame J-Lo for wanting to leave this train wreck. I hope Sanchez wins. Not because she’s from San Diego, but for the sake of Phillip so he can get the care he needs just to live a pain-free life. Shame on you Idol, shame on you.

You all remember

2 Chainz. He made an appearance in a blog piece I wrote called Head Scratcher: 10 Who Make You Wonder How They Have A Career. Now you can add him to another list besides Billboard Top 100. Yesterday, he was detained by T.S.A. for having brass knuckles in his bag while being checked in for a flight. Memo Chainz: If T.S.A. has an issue with liquids over 3 oz. in a clear bottle, they may take a little umbrage to brass knucks being concealed in a bag. That raises suspicion! You thought that you were that big of a star, that they would let you walk through with knucks and say nothing? Well, think again! There was this incident called 9-11! Remember? There are still people out there who want to duplicate the incident so bad that they will put bombs in the their kicks, their Underoos, and cheap printers. Think about that next time you want to not break out everything that may set off a red flag to airport security.


Lets have a moment of silence…for the TV show Dog The Bounty Hunter. After 9 years, A & E pull the plug on the show. They pulled the plug because of “creative differences” between the network and Dog himself. I just have a question? How do you have creative differences on a reality show? It’s simple. You live a life, we film it! And once we get tired of you and your family, we quit. No gray areas. Oh well, see ya Dog, Beth, and the rest of your crew! Thanks for coming! Now if you can just take Billy the Exterminator with you, it would be great!


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