A great piece written by one of my blogfriends DoubleyooTeeEff. This posts goes straight to the throat of all (in my Tersesa Guidice accent) yous who are always complaining, but never doing nothing. You can’t change anything if you don’t get out and become active in what’s going on! I know I’ve been on my Idol soapbox and celebrity rants this week, but this post has recharged me to getting back to the real issues that effect not only me, the rest of the country, and the generation behind it. Thanks WTF for a great post. I salute you for all the efforts to educate us all and to keep us aware. Now if you will excuse me, I need to make sure the state of California isn’t screwing with my voter registeration. :@)


Alright my friends, I want to take a break from beating on the politicians today, and I want to redirect my focus on the real reason these government officials are so ineffective and off-course:


That’s right – YOU. You, and me, and all of us out there in Voter Land.

We are all pretty darn good at complaining, at criticizing, at taking umbrage and getting angry. And those are perfectly natural and understandable reactions to the political world. If you’re angry, at least it means you’ve been paying attention. I know for a fact that my blog buddies here on WordPress are all tuned in to the news. They are well-informed and they give a damn about the way things are. That’s why we’re all here, right? To take part in the exchange of information and ideas that helps to keep the wheels of democracy turning.

But let’s be…

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