SO…May 24, 2012

Three of the worst possible nightmares happened last night on American Idol. 1st

Phillip Phillips got the chance to rock his championship tee and hat after being crowned the winner of American Idol. It was by all accounts one of the worse wins in Idol history. It’s bad because now this guy is more than likely going to push his much-needed surgery back just to promote that God awful single the winner gets when they win this thing. Like I said yesterday, I needed a

Jessica Sanchez win because of P double’s health. She’s the healthier of the 2 and she could have promoted that stupid standard American Idol single they all get. You may remember these classics

Um…probably not. And speaking of American Idol winners, Fantasia Barrino, what is this?

You got the stripper hair and stripper outfit. All you need is a pole! You look like after the show, you were going to an audition at Cheetah’s! I thought American Idol was a family show! I don’t need to see a chick wearing every color in her skank up collection. And I definitely don’t need her screaming at me through my TV! You have a mic. It will carry your voice so you don’t have to yell! Bad gear and you’re having a yelling contest on national TV? Just quit while you’re ahead! And speaking of quitting, The topper of the night was this

I need dudes to stop proposing on national TV. It was cool and innovative back in ’81. Now it’s just getting out of hand. It’s stupid! Just one more thing I need to see at a singing competition. A guy who needs surgery, a stripper chick yelling at me, and now a proposal. I need women to get smart because they are one’s who can stop this madness. All it will take is a few nos on national TV and this will cease and desist. I’m putting out a call to the next woman who gets proposed to on TV. Tell him NO! Tell him to think outside the box and do something more to stand out than proposing on TV. It’s outdated, wack and cheap! You don’t your memory of your proposal to be shared like it’s a pizza at a kid party. Tell these simple jackasses NO and I promise it will stop! That proposal was horrible! Try again dude and do it private! I’m here to see a singing competition, not a cheap episode of the Bachelor!


One thought on “SO…May 24, 2012

  1. I saw a girl say no once. The guy asked her in my college cafeteria in front of hundreds of people (lame-WTF was he thinking?). She said NO, and he was crushed, humiliated and totally in shock. It was ugly.

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