Head Scratcher: 10 Who Make You Wonder How They have A Career-Part 2

At the beginning of this month (May 4) I broke out a list of 10 people who have me scratching my dome to figure out how these 10 people have something of a career. Well, brace yourselves! I got 10 more. Let’s get this party started. We’ll start with Number 1…

Michelle Malkin. So let me get this right. Your job is to just come into my TV box, piss me off, and YOU get paid. This bumbling idiot is the chick who wrote the book Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies hoping to portray Obama and his administration as a bunch of power brokers, wealthy people, and was the most corrupt administration in recent memory. Aside from making people want to kick her ass, what else do you do? I’m waiting! And speaking of idiots…

Number 2

Ann Coulter. So your job is to also piss people off and YOU get paid. You also have a claim to fame of being best friends with…

Jimmy “JJ” Walker from Good Times. And?

Number 3

Nancy Grace. While she does have her own show, after that what else does she do? Tell me 50 times a show that she was a prosecutor? So what? And?

Number 4

Jane Velez Michell. She’s the every woman because she has done EVERYTHING,  but has accomplished NOTHING! If you let her tell it, she has been a druggie, alcoholic, rocket scientist, world-class sprinter, the world’s first salsa champion, was the 1st to be cast on Mob Wives, and a black woman. She’s done it all, but has accomplished NOTHING! Try again Jane!

Number 5

Flavor Flav. Do I really have to spell it out?

Number 6

Apl de Ap and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas. Will I Am is the producer and lead rapper. Fergie is the singing voice of the crew. You 2 do exactly what? Rob the record company with a ski mask and a gun? Do you sing? Do you rap? Do you carry Fergie and Will I Am’s bag and your compensation is getting to be on stage with them? Let me know! And speaking of Fergie…

Number 7

Josh Duhamel. Besides being the husband of Fergie, what is this guys real talent? You had a lucky break with the Transformer movies, but you washed all that away with the hot flaming garbage Life As We Know It movie with Katherine Heigel. Duhamel doesn’t resonate great thespian, yet this guy keeps getting prime movie roles! Why?

Number 8

Camila Alves. You’re relevent why? Because you had 2 kids with Matthew McConaughey? So freaking what! This makes you really important? You’re talented how? And?

Number 9

Rocsi Diaz. I know some of you are like, who? Let me break it down. Rocsi co-hosts a show on BET called 106 and Park. It’s is the equivalent to what TRL was on MTV back in the day. That’s not why she is on this list. She’s on because it doesn’t take that much talent to read a tele-prompter. And it doesn’t take that much talent to be passed around (allegedly) by a lot of guys. She (allegedly) slept with the Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos while he was married in the state crib!

She has also (allegedly) slored herself out to

Bruno Mars

Raphel Saadiq (of Toni, Toney, Tony fame)

and co-host Terrance J. Who will ever forget this awkward moment on their show from years past

And now reportedly she has moved on to

Eddie Murphy! So your career path to the top is to slore your way there. Remember Rocs, sleeping(allegedly) your way to the top may get you there, but if there is no talent behind it, you won’t stay there.

Number 10

Suzie Ketchum. Her claims to fame are that she is on my all time least favorite show Basketball Wives and she is the mother to the kids of one of the NBA’s biggest bust Micheal Olawakandi. So besides being a mascot to the other women on the show, what do you do? Just roll in your rig and lunch with the other do nothing chicks? And?

Well that’s all I got for today. Was there anybody I missed? Maybe they’ll make the next list. We’ll see!


3 thoughts on “Head Scratcher: 10 Who Make You Wonder How They have A Career-Part 2

  1. Ugh, Nancy Grace. She has got to be one of my least favorite people of all time. Just a damn parasite, making her fame and fortune on the backs of victims and their families. That woman needs to STFU, effective immediately.

  2. I’m totally with you on 1-7. After that, I don’t know who the hell those people are. WTF is JJ doing with Ann Coulter? Quit drinking that Kool Aid, JJ!

  3. My brother I don’t really know most of them, but as politicians and priests, everybody has to eat … hahahaha.
    In any case, I love the humorous tone of your post, how you focus the themes reflect an enviable mental health!
    Happy to have time to go through your writings.

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