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A Sunday Funny (And It Isn’t The Peanuts or Dagwood)

So I was at my computer looking through YouTube for some Mob Wives Season 1 episodes (please don’t judge me) and I happen to run across this classic piece of footage. Let me set it up. This piece of footage is from 2008 and it’s from my home state of Alabama. It was part of a show similar to the TV show Cops. This one was called County Law. This part of the show 2 officers are going to pick up a woman who has a warrant for her arrest. The rest speaks for itself

Lois is classic!  “Whos that, the picture man?” No Lois, it’s a cameraman. He carries a camera! He doesn’t work for Olan Mills! “Is that County Law? Can we be on it?” You can be on Lois, but I don’t think this the way to break into the biz. I don’t this tape would get into the hands of Stephen Spielberg so that he can come to Alabama and offer you the role of Redneck Hick Chick 2 in one of his movies. Lois is asking when it’s going to air because she is going to go around town doing press junkets promoting her debut on TV at the local truck stop, Piggly Wiggly, and The Boars Nest along with appearances from  Boss Hogg, Uncle Jessie, and Cooter. I’m pretty sure the show had an opening theme song. So why is Lois and the officer trying to do a remix on the fly? If you didn’t know what the show’s name is or was, you do now between these two screaming at the top of their lungs ‘County Law, County Law’. And what’s up with the karate chop to the air, Lois? I don’t think you ever heard Bruce Lee or even Bruce Leroy scream ‘County Law’ before they hit someone! And how about her sister Sandra? You know it’s bad when the person who is getting arrested is trying to be the voice of reason between the two of them. I’m wondering did Lois ever shut up long enough to go bail her out? She waves to her like she’s going to the store to pick up some milk and bread for supper and she’ll be right back. No, she won’t Lois. Not until you start-up the rig and go bail her out. It’s sad that Lois was so happy to be on County Law, that her sister had to tell her to go pay her fine. And then one more County Law for the road. That is just awesome. Lucy, Charlie Brown, Andy Capp, and Marmaduke don’t have anything on these two. Just classic.


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