SO…May 31, 2012

What’s happening blogosphere! Yesterday, I had to take a personal day to handle some business. But I’m back. I got some things to reset, so let’s get to it.

So, this is what we’re teaching the kids nowadays?

A 3-year-old boy singing in an Indiana church about gay people. In case you couldn’t understand what the kid was saying, the song went “Ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven. The Bible is right, somebody’s wrong. Romans 1 and 27, ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven.” Sorry champ, even though it’s not your fault, you are going to be the one to catch the heat. You and your backwoods parents. Tell me kid, what’s a homo? Let me give you a life lesson that your parents should be teaching you now but obviously not. Don’t speak on things that you have no knowledge of. Because what’s going to happen is when you get to kindergarten, you may break out in that song because you got a standing o at your church jamboree and someone is going to kick your little ass out of your Superman underoos. And what’s up with the adults. They were yucking it up like this kid was performing at Carnegie Hall. The pastor in the background acting like a groupie screaming ‘Encore, Encore’ in his head. Get a grip people! And I know all this talk about you and your kiddie concert is just getting you more gloss to probably boost membership, so I’m going to stop right here and move on to something a little less stupid than you backwoods hillbillies.

In writing a blog, there is your own commentary. But there is also this thing called research. You just can’t be throwing half-ass thoughts out there just to see your thoughts on a screen. This also goes for TV personalities like

Kathy Lee Gifford. They pay her the big bucks to do this correctly.

You’re thinking ‘what’s the big deal about Kathy Lee Gifford asking about Martin Short’s wife?’ It would be no big deal except for the fact that Short’s wife Nancy has been dead for 2 years! Talk about not doing your homework. She asked the man about his wife as if he talked to her on the phone before they did the segment. Real awkward! And they pay you to do that? She breaks out astonished“But you’re still like in love!” I don’t know! Maybe? It’s not like they got a divorce! The woman died! K.L.G., where were you in the morning meeting when they told you that Short was going to be on? Were you thinking of a Carnival Cruise

K.L.G., pull it together! Next time, take a minute to do some fact checking before you go on next time. For the record, you do know that Whitney Houston is dead, right? Just giving you a heads up before Bobby Brown makes an appearance and you ask him what is like now talking to Whitney now that they’re separated.


One thought on “SO…May 31, 2012

  1. OK, I saw that Kathie Lee thing and my jaw dropped. It literally dropped in disbelief, because OH MY GOD HOW CAN SHE BE SO DUMB??? Clueless beyond words, and poor Martin Short had to resist any urge he may have had to smack her one. Hell, I even had the urge to smack her one. She’s lucky I can’t reach her through the screen!

    And speaking of smacking some idiots, that church video…well, you already know what I’m gonna say, right? Right. Dumbasses. I hope that kid grows up to be gay.

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