Shout to my blogfriend TheBrabbleRabble for putting me on to this guy! He gets the Hell Yeah, Freaking Right award for this beautiful masterpiece when talking about pension reform

Illinois Rep. Mike Bost came strong and hard with that rant! That was just awesome! I loved it even more when he threw his papers in the air and tried to hit them like they were a fly buzzing around his kitchen countertop. That was fresh! Way to go Floyd Mayweather on the mic, Mike! You are awesome and I wish that all Reps had as much passion as you do! Way to go Mike Bost! Here’s a trophy

The H.Y.F.R. Cup

for you Mike! Display that bad boy on your mantle or in your office proudly!


One thought on “HYFR!!!!

  1. Yes!! Loved this. I love when these guys have one of those “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” meltdowns. It is what needs to happen so the business of government goes viral, and people can see and hear how crazy shit is in our political world right now.

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