SO…June 1, 2012

Even though John Edwards beat the corruption rap yesterday, nothing says smug ass than the presser he gave yesterday after the trial.

Thank goodness that you had jurors that wanted to get out and go have a life after you, your skank, and all of y’all shenanigans took time out of their lives to have to hear about you and your skank’s escapades. I loved when Edwards was glossing the fact that he makes his kids breakfast before the trial and he makes them supper after he gets home from trial. I especially loved when his voice started cracking talking about his ‘precious Quinn.’  Like that’s going to make people forget that you got this kid from sleeping with a skank while your wife

Elizabeth Edwards

was dying from cancer. What a stand up guy! He is who I want to pattern my life after! Yeah, right! Here’s a thought Johnny! Maybe if you said these 5 words, people may start to forgive you.


Probably not. But I think that should have been the first words out of your gullet instead of you trying to set yourself up for another run the public eye. Just stay where you are and take your stank with you. You 2 deserve it other in the worse way. If I never see you 2 in my box ever again, it won’t be soon enough.

Back in April, I wrote a piece on the 10 reality shows that needed to stop production. One of those shows was

Bethenny Ever After. I said that I didn’t want it off the air because it was a bad show. I wanted off the air because I felt that she needed to concentrate on her marriage and her baby. Bethenny has had some serious problems that only will escalate with the cameras constantly in her grill and that she needed to shut it down for her own and her families sake. I don’t want to see Bethenny After The Divorce or Bethenny During The Seperation show. It’s not fresh. Now Bethenny is trying her hand at this

Great! Just what the world needs. Another talk show. And a talk show from a woman who is one piece of signed paper away from being divorced. Memo to SkinnyGirl: Take yourself and your family out of the limelight for a while. You can’t help me keep it together, if you’re not together. You have the rumor birds circling around your marriage like vultures waiting to pounce on your marriage’s carcass. Run to your cave and stay a while. And a side note, what’s up with talk show host bringing their significant other to their workplace. 1st, it was Dr. Phil with his wife Robin and now you’re going to have Jason and apparently Bryn posted up on the floor while Bethenny is working. Why? I don’t think any of my employers would ever take kindly to my wife posting up in the break room while I’m trying to do my work. Or if I went to work with my wife and sat in the lounge for the full 8 just looking at magazines. That’s not hot and I need them to stop that immediately! Do like every other housewife or househusband does: Take care of the house, the kids, the rigs, the groceries, and be ready on demand when called upon!


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