A Sunday Funny

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs on TNT, you will probably recognize this man.

Craig Sager. He is known for his…lets just say his choice in on air clothing. Clothes like

This crushed velvet number. This

furry number, this

Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie number if you are here on the West Coast. Sweet potato if you’re from the south. And my personal favorite

his casual silk shirt and pants combo. While I understand that he wants to stand out, you can’t always go to Chuck’s Chicken, Rims, and Suits Emporium for your gear. I’m writing this because while I was YouTube, I ran across this clip of Craig talking to Kevin Garnett after the 2009 All-Star Game in Phoenix.

Apparently, KG, he didn’t take your advice because he is still coming strong with choices like this

You have to have a whole lot of confidence to pull these looks off.  Either Confidence or bad cataracts.


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