SO…Quick Takes

What’s up blogosphere! Sorry I haven’t posted this week, but I have been held up in my man cave this week trying to take care of a  lot of personal things that I haven’t had the time to sit down to write. But I will back on my regular schedule next week. While I was in the man cave, I saw a few stories that caught my eye such as

Nit Mitt and his California compound. This is Nit Mitt’s California shack.

A beach front home in LaJolla. It’s about 20 or so miles outside my city of San Diego. Nit Mitt wants to renovate his shack. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except for the fact that he wants to take the property from 3,000 square feet to 11,000 square feet equipped with a car elevator. He is also, by reports, not the most friendly neighbor. It’s reported that he when wanted to start his massive reno, he wanted his neighbors to sign a petition that it was OK to obscure their ocean view. It was also reported that Nit Mitt is the resident snitch, blasting a man for smoking marijuana and drinking last summer. Let me, as a resident of San Diego, explain a few things to you bro. 1st, do you actually know where you bought your shack? It’s LaJolla! People pay a hell of a lot of money to live there. The median price range around that piece of soil will hit you for a cool mill and that is for like a 2 bedroom, 1 bath shack! People spend money for the ocean view. Hell yeah, I would be bitching if you, your Merry Assholes, and your construction posse came through with your scaffolds, wood planks, and paint brushes blocking my view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s one thing if you’re doing renos like changing the floor from laminate to hard wood, changing light fixtures, or putting stainless steel appliances and granite countertops in because Ann isn’t feeling the outdated countertop and appliances. But you’re trying to blow up the spot on the backs of your neighbors and trying to force them to like it. Sorry, that don’t fly around these parts! And, let me get this right, you can’t take a stand on a policy, but yet you can take a stand on a guy who smokes a blunt on the beach. News Flash Nit Mitt: It’s California! We have legal weed shops! Since you were all in the man’s biz, did you ask if he was smoking for medicinal purposes? That happens around here, Nit Mitt. Word of advice from one San Diego resident to another Nit Mitt: Be a friendly neighbor, let people do their thing, and stop being a snitch because you know the saying ‘Snitches get stiches’.

Memo to the people of Wisconsin: Next time you have the grand idea to recall an elected official, DON’T! Let me see if  I got this right. You and your peeps did all this bitching’ and moaning about

Governor Scott Walker to the point that you got a recall election and what do you do with it? You just give him back the Wisconsin Heavyweight Championship belt back? Real smart Cheeseheads! I don’t want to see any of you crying in my TV box when this guy starts ripping your pensions, healthcare coverage, and union collective bargaining to shreds all because some of you were lazy and felt it more important to go to the local bar for brats and beer. Good luck Wisconsin! You’re gonna need it.

It’s graduation season. It’s that time of the year when you got a kid who taking that all important step from high school to maybe college, military, or going straight into the workforce. Some kids are fortunate to be afforded scholarships to attend school. That is a great accomplishment. If you’re

Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, it’s more of a headache. His son Justin was awarded a scholarship to play football for U.C.L.A. The problem? People want Justin to give it back and give it to a more deserving kid because his dad is P.Diddy! Wait? You want him to give the scholarship back because his dad is P. Diddy? Memo to people who want him to give it back: You’re stupid. Last I checked, P.Diddy wasn’t on the field catching interceptions, tackling, and doing 2 a days! His son was. I don’t think P.Diddy was in the film room studying opposing defenses. His son was. I don’t think P.Diddy will be on the field when his son has to go up against the stiff competition that the Pac 12 has to offer. (OK, that was a reach) But you get my point. People, there is one simple point here. P.Diddy is rich, not his kid. Take your scholarship Justin and run with it. And for the people who want him to give it back, shame on you! It’s not like he’s getting a free Rolls Royce Phantom. He’s getting an education. And to punish his accomplishment based on who his father is just wrong.

Other short takes…

Real Housewife of ATL Kim Zolciak caught lying about her rent to buy option on her and husband house. Memo to Kim: When you have a rent to buy option on a house, there is one important aspect to the process: You have to pay! The best way for people to not know your business and people to not dig for info on you, tell the truth! It works wonders.

A.I. winner Phillip Phillips FINALLY had the kidney surgery he needed Tuesday. Damn bro, about time! Remember, breath over death any day bro!

The Stanley Cup looks like it will be making a appearance in So. Cal. The Kings look to wrap up the series with the New Jersey Devils on tomorrow night. Just don’t burn down L.A. when you win. And

Lebron and them force a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals. Boston, I need you to man up and finish this thing with the Heat. The last thing I need to hear come out of my wife’s mouth is ‘I told you so’. I need you to finish the Heat not for yourselves, but for me! Winning the championship shouldn’t be for important than me having a mental, smack talking victory over my wife when it comes to the Heat. Come on Celts, man up and finish the job. I’m ready to break out my championship bubbly and pour it over my head. Help me out!







2 thoughts on “SO…Quick Takes

  1. Glad you’re back, but you gotta do what you gotta do and I know how that is! OK, yes to the Nit Mitt situation. More entitled, “me first” assholery and I would expect nothing less from him. Only wish his neighbor with the weed could have somehow forced a little toke or two on Mitt, to see if it helped at all. Though I kinda doubt it! Also agree on the scholarship for Liddle Diddy, he did earn it so folks need to deal with that. There is no reason he shouldn’t be recognized for achievement if his dad is famous. Now, the Heat…that’s where I have to differ with you! I gotta root for them, they’re my home team and you have to admit James played a hell of a game last night. But I do respect Boston and if they advance to the finals I won’t cry about it. One of the best sustained performances in a series I’ve seen in recent years was the Celtics against the Lakers in the ’08 finals. Paul Pierce was like a freaking superhero if I remember it correctly, and I vividly remember them coming back to win one after being down 20-something points, so I know they have the stuff. Still…GO HEAT! (No hate for me now) 🙂

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