Ski Mask And A Gun

Looks like I’m going to have to do with boxing what I had to do with American Idol. LEAVE IT ALONE! Last night’s fight between

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley was truly a one-sided affair. Lets be clear: Bradley got his ass handed to him. As I was sitting watching the fight with family, I made a comment that Pacquiao snatched Bradley’s confidence in the 5th round like Scorpion does in the game Mortal Kombat. For 11 of the 12 round bout all you saw was this

The pictures above is what happened the entire fight.

HBO had Pacquiao with the victory in convincing fashion beating Bradley by a whooping 10 point. And from that you got this

A 115-113 score! Question judges. What fight were you at?

This wasn’t Teresa Guidice V Melissa Gorga! This wasn’t

Jennifer V Evelyn with a hood point scoring system. This was supposed to be a boxing match. A boxing match where the challenger usually has to knock out the champ to get the strap. But there was Bradley, acting like he was in total domination the whole night.

I especially loved the post presser with Pacquiao and Bradley especially with Bradley sitting in his post fight chair

A wheelchair! Really? A wheelchair. I also found it funny that Bradley had his mama, wife, and his posse really cheering for him like ‘If we cheer enough, maybe WE can actually believe that he won.’ This is why boxing has taken a big backseat to MMA and now with this, boxing is going to have to take another car just for it to keep up with MMA. It’s bad when judges give a fight to someone based on a potential rematch 5 months down the road. You know it’s bad and a sham when even Bradley’s wife Monica

knew he got his ass kicked. But alas, it’s in the record as a loss for the Pacman. But Pacman was robbed with a ski mask and gun by the judges, who by the way, probably messed up their gravy train with this decision. But the people who are going to suffer are the fans. Last night, the sport lost a lot of fans. I just happen to be one of them.


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