Short and To The Point Takes

What’s going on blogosphere! Long time no fresh post, right? I had some personal things going on plus last week was the SLOWEST week news wise known to man! It was pitiful! Anyway, I have a few takes on the few things that hit a nerve with me last week. 1st up…

The death of the face of the 1992 L.A. riots, Rodney King. This was shocking, but not really shocking. I kinda saw this coming. King could never fully recover both physically and mentally after what he endured back in ’92. Relapses with drugs and alcohol, run ins with the law, and just his mere presence as the reminder of the riots would be too much for any person to handle. So it didn’t surprise me that he died so young and in the way he died. Could any of us really recover from this?

I know I couldn’t. Well, neither does Rodney anymore. Awake In Peace Rodney and thank you!

As many of you know, I put out an open plea to Kesha Nichols of Basketball Wives to quit the show while she had the chance. I told her that no one would look down on her if she threw in the towel and just bounced. Well, part of my wish came true because she is no longer on the show. The part that I didn’t want to happen is that she got her walking papers.

She along with Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed were all shown the door last week. Reed got the boot because no one would film with her, Williams because she has a pending lawsuit against the show’s carrier VH1, and Nichols because she was “boring”. Yet Va’Shaundya continues to insist that she had nothing to do with the firing of these women. Va’Shaundya claims (allegedly) that she didn’t have any one fired and that she only knew of the firings through the media. Chick, STOP LYING!!! Since when is the exec in charge not know who gets a paycheck and who gets the boot. Stop trying to play us for stupid. I would respect you more if you just said ‘I don’t like them bitches and I want them out’ then this lie you keep trying to convince yourself is true that you had nothing to do with them being gone. Stop playing yourself Va’Shaundya and just own it. You didn’t like Reed’s whiny ass, you’re mad because Williams is suing, and Nichols didn’t make for great TV! Just own it. Stop trying to make yourself above the ghettoness that is Basketball Wives because you’re in the thick of it. You brought us this product. Stand by our product. If not, remove it from my TV box so I don’t have to see it anymore.


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