The Pot Calling The Kettle A Sponge

The peeps who read the Soft Spot’s blog page knows that I love reality TV(which,by the way ,may lead into a blog page just for reality TV takes, but that is for another time) Last night was the premiere of a new reality TV show

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I had been anticipating this show ever since the network said it was going to the ATL. While I liked the original Love & Hip Hop, I was glad that they decided to stretch it out of the NY and head to the South. While the cast isn’t my all-time favorite, they did at least show most of the cast at where they were music level wise which is  refreshing. But what got me this morning was that while I was reading some Facebook post on the show, a lot of  people were saying that they couldn’t watch the show because of all the bleeps in the show. But yet these same people are the same people who are avid watchers of that other show

Basketball Wives. Really! I found that very interesting seeing that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is a better show in one episode than Basketball Wives has been in 4 years. Here’s why

1) Love & Hip Hop ATL isn’t make false claims in its title. It’s about music. Whether you like hip hop or not, it’s about music and all the trappings that come with music. Basketball Wives is a lie out of the gate because none of these do-nothing broads are wives period. It should be named Basketball Almost Wives, Jumpoffs, and Divorces.

2) They all own who they were and are. One of the cast members on Love & Hip Hop ATL

Momma Dee is a former drug dealer and pimp. She didn’t shy away from it. She owned it through and through unlike

Va’Shaundya who is the exec in charge, but acts like she doesn’t know what’s going on. Love & Hip Hop ATL cast member

Joseline owns the fact that she is a jumpoff, stripper, and is screwing (allegedly) a man with a girlfriend unlike the rest of the remaining cast of Basketball Wives who have this complex that they are some how better than everyone else. Yet their claim to fame is that at one time they were hit off and slide off. While people may not like what Joseline is about, at least I can respect the fact she knows she is a skank and she’s going to ride that pony until it gets her success. Which brings me to point

3) At least these woman are trying to do something with their time. While these women are not all house hold names( with the exception of my favorite Love & Hip Hop ATL cast member

Rasheeda) at least they are shown doing more than lunching and brunching. They are actually doing something. They may not be successful in the end, but they are at least getting off their do nothings and attempting to do something. Unlike the Basketball Wives who do what? If I see or hear Suzie ask another cast member to meet with another cast member to lunch or dinner to talk about absolutely nothing, I’m going to scream! And while I know Love & Hip ATL will have its share of fights, at least they’re fighting for position in their careers and families, not for a position in a chickenhead bitch clique fighting about absolutely nothing like this

Yet, people are already ripping apart Love & Hip Hop ATL after one episode! One! Really people? How can you hate the show after one episode, yet you high-five, applaud, and encourage people to watch bullying, violence, and just utter nonsense.  Isn’t that kinda the pot calling the kettle a sponge? So before you throw rocks at the Love & Hip Hop ATL glass house, why don’t you start throwing boulders at Basketball Wives glass tower.


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