So…June 20, 2012 (Parental Advisory)

Yesterday I wrote a post on

Love & Hip Hop ATL. I stated that their 1st episode was better than the 4 years of Basketball Wives put together. I heard no initial response because the points i made seem to be validated. Then people moved on to attack one of the cast members Joseline

insisting of all things that she was formerly a he! Well yesterday, Joseline put all that to rest with this photo

courtesy of her Twitter page and page. She also had this little message via her Twitter page

While I think that showing the world via Twitter her birthday suit was just a scotch much, I can fully understand why she did this. It’s to shut up all the people who are trying so desperate to invalidate the show and its cast. Stop already people. The show is a good show. Just because it’s not a bunch of do nothing chicks fighting over absolutely nothing doesn’t make the show unwatchable. It’s watchable and I’ll be tuning in every week. I hope you all do the same.

The defense rests in the

Jerry Sandusky trial and now it looks like it’s just a matter of time before Sandusky hears his fate. If he’s found guilty of all of the things that is alleged in the transcripts that I’ve read, good riddance. Preying on innocent kids for your own sexual satisfaction is the lowest of the low. I’m pretty sure they have a special section in hell for people like Mr. Sandusky if all the allegations are found to be true. If you’re convicted Sandusky, good luck to you in the concrete whorehouse and I hope someone makes you their PILF (Pedophile I Like To Fuck) on the first day you arrive.


Yesterday I read that there was going to be a new addition to the Housewives of Atlanta and that was supposed to be

Keishia Knight Pulliam aka

little Rudy from The Cosby Show. Thank God that was just a rumor because as of today it’s confirmed that she is not joining the cast. Thank God! now I can save myself the time to say why that is the WORST thing she could ever do for her career. If you are like me, you practically grew up with Keisha. You remember her as the little girl in pig tails punking Bud at every given opportunity. And while I know that she is an adult and beautiful one at that, I still see that same little pig tailed girl. It’s hard for me to see this

Her in lingerie flaunting her “asset”. Now, people wanted to put her the train wreck that is the Houswives of Atlanta? Smart move Kesh. Stay in your lane and act. And put some damn clothes on! The last thing I need is to hear is all these men cat calling and telling me what they would like to do with you if they had the chance.


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