Saturday Morning Think Tank


You can add convicted child molester to the list of accomplishments Jerry Sandusky has achieved in his lifetime. He was convicted of 45 of the 48 counts he was being accused of. In total, if the judge threw the book at him, his sentence would a total of 448 years in prison! See ya Jerry, thanks for coming. I hope you and your new roommate have a lot of late nights talking about the glory days of Penn State. It’s just ironic that now you will be attending State Penn for your sick prowess off the field. Good bye and good riddance.

I held off giving props to the

Miami Heat for winning the NBA championship for a couple of reasons. 1st, I didn’t want to hear my wife run around our shack glossing her bold prediction of 2 years ago when she said that the Heat would be crowned champions 2 years after coming together. 2nd, I was upset that the Oklahoma City Thunder just quit after Game 4 of the Finals. And 3rd, I just couldn’t bring myself like so many other people to be over the moon that

Lebron finally won the strap although he “took his talents to South Beach” just to do it. The reason I couldn’t give the Heat props was because of all the bandwagon jumping people all over Facebook and Twitter. Memo to these people: While you are sitting at home jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon, remember, when it’s all said and done, you will never get the ring you were bandwagon jumping for. When my New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, while I was happy, I had people congratulate me like I had played on the team because I was a New Orleans Aints fan long before then. I remember the lean years, the 1 & 15 season, being the last team in NFL history to win a playoff game. I’ve been through it all. I don’t think the Saints organization was going to call for my ring size so they could fit me for a championship ring. I celebrated and moved on.What you bandwagon jumping fans do is just piss me off because it tells me you stand for nothing. The same Heat fans now, were Lakers fans and Bulls fans years back. Make up your mind and stick with it. That’s what real fans do. Even though I live in San Diego and surrounded by Chargers fans,  I can at least respect the fact that they are die-hard enough to stick with them through the great years and the lean years. Be a real fan of a team and stick with them. it’s just more rewarding that way.

And speaking of the Heat celebration this stuck out in my mind after the win

Uh….Mr Bosh? Is there something that you want to tell everyone? Or did you just tell everyone with your celebration? I found it just a scotch odd. I found it also odd that you would do that type of celebration and pose after in front of another group of men. Listen, I’m all for gay rights. All I ask is that you be honest with yourself, Mr. Bosh. Or were you trying to tell us that with your celebration?  I’m just saying…


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