Remembering A Time (An Ode To A True American Icon)

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of this moment in time.

I think we all can remember where we all were when it happened. I remember I was standing in front of a TV at my job watching all this unfold.  It took me back to when I first discovered Micheal Jackson back in 1983 when

Thriller came out. I became an instant fan. I had the glove, the shoes,  the jacket, and the hair. I got obsessed Micheal when I saw this performance

I thought ‘this dude is freaking awesome’. It was so bad that while on a family  trip visiting relatives in St. Louis, me and my cousin Krisha reenacted the Thriller video everyday while we were on that trip. I was Micheal and my cousin was Ola Rae. Those were some great times. Over time, we all know that Micheal became more known for his antics outside of music instead of his music. I could go on for days about his antics with him hanging with monkeys, that big ass amusement park style ranch, the ill-fated marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, the weird masks on his kids face, him allegedly being broke, and who could ever forget Martin Bashir’s interview with Micheal

People as they do when all this was going on stopped buying the music and he was just considered easy joke material for every late night host and comedian all over the globe. But then came the 50 date tour at the O2 Arena in London and Mike announcing that this would be his last tour

Who knew that this would also be his last speech in public. One of the lasting last moments of Micheal Jackson’s life was this

photo of him riding in the ambulance and this photo

hours later of him being taken to the coroner’s office. While this will forever be etched in people’s minds as a lasting image of Jackson, I choose to remember the Micheal Jackson that I found out about in my later years. The iconic Jackson 5 with Micheal Jackson as the lead singer singing songs like this

When I think of Micheal Jackson, I don’t want to think of all the negative stuff. I just want to remember him on this day of his death as a true American Icon. He transcended everything. Whether you were black, white, asian, latino, you knew who Micheal was and you just didn’t care about all the stuff that everyone gets hung up on. You just cared about the music. In the end, that’s what Micheal wanted. It’s just a sham that he had to die for people to really catch it. So we’ll see ya later Mike. Thanks for leaving us behind all the great reminders of what made you not only a great musician, but a great human being as well.



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