Breaking! Nit Mitt’s Running Mate Is…..

Sources are saying that Nit Mitt has made his choice for his V.P. running mate and it is none other than…..

Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Not a shock. I know Mitt is an idiot, but this pick is even more stupid than his regular stupidity. Is this the best you can do? If I thought truly you wanted to win the Office, I know for a fact now that you don’t. Mitt has just secured himself a loss. Now it’s not if he’s going to lose, now it’s by how much! Seeing the Pres. with a comfortable 9 point lead in the polls, it’s sure to go up with the selection of this guy. Memo to Mitt: If you didn’t want to win or try, you should have just quit already or when the Convention convenes in Tampa, let the party nominate someone else. You’re already embarrassing yourself, now you’re going to take this young idiot with you? See ya Mitt! Thanks for coming. Your political career is a wrap. And so is Ryan’s.


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