A Sunday Funny (Before The Real Comedy Starts Monday)

So, as I do from time to time, I get bored with my box and I start trolling Youtube just to see what’s going on out there and lo and behold YouTube never disappoints. This involves pop icon

Sir Thomas John Woodward a.k.a Tom Jones. You know the guy who had the hits “Delilah”, “What’s New Pussycat”, “She’s a Lady”, and this well-known gem courtesy of a couple of episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Well, I ran across this priceless piece of film that just speaks for its self.

Couple problems here. For starters, who told Tom that he was fresh enough to do a jam with EMF? That performance was probably the beginning of the end of EMF. Then where was the security? What kind of concert allows fans to just hop on the stage and start rocking with the band as if they are on tour. I don’t think

Sade would think it would be fresh of me to come on stage and do an impromptu duet of “Kiss of Life” with her. Security would have commence to giving me the boot to ass kicking treatment. At one point, one of the stage jumpers jumps on Tom’s back and starts riding him like a little girl getting a piggy back ride from her dad. And is it me, but does Tom look like he is waiting to jump in at a double dutch competition? He looks like he is waiting for that opportune moment to just jump in and get his jump on. But when I thought that was the funniest Tom Jones clip I had ever seen, I ran across this one

BWHAHAHA!!!! The combo of DeAngelo and Tom is funny anyway. But when you put DeAngelo and Tom together AND they start singing James Brown? And not just any James Brown joint, they sing Sex Machine? just too funny. But the funniest part, was when Tom started dancing! And the side busting part was when Tom starts walking like he is the coolest cat in the building? That just took the cake. Tom Jones. What’s next Tom, you gonna be breaking out some Prince? Oh wait, I forgot you did that already


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