Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy

The other day I was looking on my Instagram page and I was looking at pics of people who I follow. I follow some of everyone. From politicians, athletes, reality TV stars, and on occasion Stoner Guy. He is the guy who likes to put his dime bag of cannibus on his kitchen counter and takes a picture of it before he does his ‘puff,puff, pass’ routine. At any rate, I was on the Instagram page of Love & Hip Hop-Atlanta star

Mimi Faust. It was this exact picture

with the caption under the picture ‘Just rapped for tonight‘. Pretty simple. No frills. Just a woman taking a picture in a black dress and black heels. So how do you go from this nice picture to this scrolling across my tablet screen.

First off…Everyone is busy pumping this bitch up sayin she so classy but how classy is she to not let a man go that has cheated on her hundreds of times. Any woman with class wouldn’t dare take a man back after he has cheated. Also,  any woman with class doesn’t have children out of wedlock. When are black women going to break the cycle of ignorance? Now that she has a child out of wedlock, how is she going to explain this to her daughter? If you ask me, she is wayyyyyyyyyy dumber then joseline because she chose to keep a baby by a man that she knew didn’t want to be faithful to her. In addition , she still hasn’t moved I said ,  a woman wit class would never have ababy out if wedlock So miss me wit that shit.

This person then came back with this

Everybody continues to feel sorry for this dumb bitch but she is also a liar. She got on an interview and said she been knowin @hitmansteviej for fifteen years but on the show she said she been wit him for fifteen. Bitch trying to change the story up cause she knows she looks stupid. She know @hitmanstevie j done had kids on her. She just mad about this joseline relationship cause she know @hitmansteviej got a lot of love for joseline. Don’t try to call joseline a bunch of hoes and trash just cause your man fell in love with her. Just move on. A woman with class would have done that in a heartbeat.

And another person came with this

She is a weak disgusting women she don’t have a backbone, what bitch you know want to use a child to try to keep a man around her backbone made of water. I never witness a woman not ignorant to the fact that “her man” is fucking with somebody out in the open. She need jesus

Pretty harsh. Pretty strong opinions. But it dawned on me. Who would do this on someone else’s page? Who would just come and verbally assault someone like that? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy, that’s who! We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy. They are the guy who sits at their box and watch the shows or listens to the music of the object of their distain. Now, don’t go buying into that they hated the person right off the bat because they didn’t. Deep down, they had some love for them in the beginning. They were all on the team. Yelling at the screen or they were looking on YouTube to find any and every bit of info they could find out about him or her. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy starts trolling social media to find out if the object of their disdain has a Facebook page, Twitter account or an Instagram account. But when they look, it’s like they are looking as if they are going car shopping for their next rig. When they put the object of disdain in the search box on Facebook and they see that several pages pop up, they do research about the page.

“Sweet, they have several pages on Facebook. Now this fan of page has only 2500 people who like it. But this Official page of has over 100 thousand likes, so this shit has got to be legit. Yeah baby, we are in there. I gonna like this page and be the 146,293rd person to like this page. Damn, this is fresh!  Now wait a minute, let me see if they have a Twitter account. Hell yeah they got one. I’m not really a fan of Twitter, but fuck it. I’m signing up now just for them! No fucking way! They put on their Twitter account that they have an Instagram account. Dude, I’m so on that shit even though I don’t take pictures. I get to see them. Hi Five Team Me! I am awesome.”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy always has his or her IPhone, HTC, or whatever device he or she has glued to his or her hand because he can’t wait to see that next Facebook posting, that next Tweet, or that next  Instagram photo pop up on his or her screen. It’s a great high for the 1st couple of weeks. That’s until Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy doesn’t get a Facebook posting response back or a Tweet after sending several out

“Damnit, man, I have sent tweets and no nothing. Who does this mofo think they are! I’m TheoBaconBurgerDog bitch! That’s what’s up!

Now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy is just bitter. But it gets worse when they meet up with plain old Hate A Bitch Guy. You know the guy who just hates on someone just because.

“What’s up.”

“What’s up, man.”

“Excuse if I’m being nosey, but is that so and so on your phone? Is that their Twitter account?”


“Dude, I hate that bitch ass muthafucker.”

You get these two together an it’s on! Now, that starts a conversation between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hater Guy and Hate A Bitch Guy and now they are on a mission. Hate A Bitch Guy likes the object of disdain Facebook page or Twitter account for the sole purpose to just blast.

“Just wanted 2 let U no @so and so that UR movie sucks ass. And the kicks U had on while on Lettermann looked crappy #I can’t get back 2 hrs of my life thanks to U.”

People Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is supposed to bring us closer so that we can learn about each other. But when you have people who just like a page to hate on someone, it’s just stupid. Because one, you look stupid. Two, you need something else to do. And third, you look thirsty to get the object of disdain attention. Maybe I shouldn’t call them haters. Maybe I should call them attention seekers? Nah, haters fit these losers just fine.


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