Sunday Funny (One-Sided Beef)

Anybody who is a fan of hip-hop knows that there always have and will always be beefs. There have been some classic clashes such as

Jay-Z vs

Nas over lyrical superiority, a testosterone filled beef with

Chris Brown V

Drake over, of all woman, Rihanna, and

LL Cool J (circa 1986-1990) V

Kool Moe D beef just for rap position purposes. So the other day, while I was on the net, I saw a beef that may or may not gain steam and it was…laughable to say the least. It involved Love and Hip Hop star

Rasheeda. While a lot of people may know her from TV, she is also well-known for this song in the movie

Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Well, recently another Atlanta hip hop star decided to start beef with Rasheeda. The rapper is

Gucci Mane. To put in context his real importance, he is the “CEO” of Brick Squad who brought the world one of my favorite people (facetiously)

Waka Flocka Flame (see Head Scratchers: 10 Who Make You Wonder How They Have A Career-May 2012) Now recently Gucci had a few choice words for Rasheeda in a recent song called “Shook Them Haters Off”. In the song Gucci goes in on Rasheeda with these words

You the type a b**ch old as hell still tryna rap, and I’m the type a n***a young as hell an I run the trap, now you the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH, you married to a lame and dat lame don’t wont no BEEF” 

Uh….OK?! I was wondering, ‘Why so hostile Gucci?’ Why go in a female and not a male? But then I stopped myself and I had to look at the bigger picture. What made me look at the bigger picture was this song Gucci Mane had over a year ago called Lemonade

The picture became, at this moment, crystal clear. This has to be the biggest one-sided beef won by Rasheeda hands down. Most songs, or writing for that matter, have some form of structure, some kind of base where whoever is writing can sling a metaphor or 2, or 3 to get a point across. As I listened to Lemonade and thought about this beef, all I could think of was I didn’t understand a lot of what Gucci had to say. I heard blah, blah, blah Chiquita. Blah blah blah Gucci! Blah Blah Blah Lemon! Blah blah blah Georgia peaches. Blah blah blah Sour apple bitches. Blah blah blah BURRR!!!! Blah blah blah Gucci! Blah blah blah BURRR!!! Blah blah blah Old Yellow. Add about 5 more Guccis and 2 more BURRRs and there you have it. A beef is when you have 2 opposing sides that the fans can understand. It’s not a beef when you need a translator to understand you like we’re at the United Nations with headphones in our ears. Memo to Gucci Mane: If you want me to side with you in a beef, you have got to make it understandable. We know you’re rap name is Gucci. I know this because you keep screaming it at me at least 20 times in this one song. I can only imagine how many times you say Gucci in a whole album. Just stop. Also, if it’s cold in the studio, bring a jacket. Screaming BURRR! on a record because you’re cold isn’t fresh. Tell the studio when you’re cold. I’m pretty sure they have central air and heat and I think they would gladly turn the heat for you. Maybe if you could take this simple advice, you could concentrate on your rhyme delivery and not worry so much about reminding us who you are and that you’re cold in the studio. Just a thought.



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