A Sunday Funny-Delusions Of Grandeur

Shout out goes to my big sis Stephanie C. Harper for contributing to this post on Friday with this funny material. Now, I would like everyone to meet

James David Manning. He is the Pastor of Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York. Now I provided this picture because my sis hipped me to this Friday

Am I missing something here? While this is a sad desperate attempt at some attention, this is hilarious. I love it when I get insulted by a man of God and then he wants to turn around and pray for me. That is fresh with a capital F. So since my big sis opened the door, as I do with anything I wanted to find out more of what Pastor Manning thought. Man, did this guy did not disappoint. This piece of video was one of the funniest thing I had ever seen.

You prayed at the altar all night? God showed YOU? You gave him a name that will appear in the Guinness Book of World Records? Black people are losers? You’re a patriot? Can’t play better basketball than the white man? Take it down a thousand Rev. You can’t buy this comic material. 1st Rev., why are you screaming at me. I’m not deaf. You have a mic. Your voice will amplify if you put mouth close to the mic. Why are you screaming at me? 2nd, I think you got to do a little more to get into Guinness than calling The President a ‘Long Legged Mack Daddy.’ You get into Guinness for extra ordinary feats. Not for name calling. 3rd, I thought a man of God was to come in love and peace, not insults. Calling black people losers is certainly…not God like. I don’t know what or who you pray to, but I would be skeptical of him if he told you to speak of black people with such hate. 4th, have you seen the NBA Rev.? Not being racial, but I don’t see too many white guys in the Association. Maybe you have a black and white TV and everyone in your screen is white. I don’t know. And 5th. Just an observation. Have you look in the mirror Rev.? Aren’t you black as well? Maybe I’m missing something. You appear black. You certainly appeared black when you took the hammer and broke the Alan Keyes glass like he reverent for ANYBODY. Memo to Pastor Manning: take a minute, step away from screaming in the mic, and do some soul-searching. Bro, you have delusion of grandeur. Let it go. And who goes to your church anyway?Maybe Alan Keyes? I’m just saying.


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